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Your favourite beach cocktail says a lot about your personality, survey says

Your favourite beach cocktail says a lot about your personality, survey says

If you want to know more about yourself or others, their favourite beach cocktail could be a good starting point.

Most of us have a favourite tipple (or three), but it turns out that your favourite beach cocktail is saying a lot about your personality.

This is all thanks to a survey of 2,000 people by OnePoll for CheapCaribbean, who took a look at people's favourite drinks and their personalities.

With alcohol helping many people acquire a little Dutch courage when it comes to dating, it found that those with the best sex lives preferred a minty mojito (72 percent) or tart margarita (63 percent).

On the subject of mojitos, those with this tipple of choice were also found to have the most dating success (88 percent) and be the most content in life overall (85 percent).

What's your favourite beach cocktail?

However, it's not just these drinks which can say something positive about your life, so too can a penchant for a bloody mary (80 percent) as these respondents were the likeliest to say 'yes' to everything (73 percent).

The most extroverted people surveyed preferred a cold beer (33 percent) and the most introverted enjoyed a margarita (50 percent).

Interestingly, if you're a sangria fan, you're more likely to have at least five friends (perhaps because it's good for sharing?).

The cocktail choice of respondents also said something about their taste too.

If you're a wine person, you'll have diverse music taste and enjoy the likes of hip hop (37 percent) and jazz (30 percent) while beer fans tend to be into rock (41 percent) and pop music (34 percent).

Meanwhile, in the film department, sex on the beach fans tend to opt for horror flicks (41 percent) whereas sangria fans prefer to watch drama (41 percent).

What your favourite cocktail could be saying about you.

It turns out that the most popular beach tipples overall were beer (17 percent), margaritas (16 percent) and wine (16 percent).

Dana Studebaker, the vice president of marketing of consumer brands at Apple Leisure Group, said: "Whether one prefers a getaway to St. Martin, Aruba, Cancun, or Punta Cana, there's an abundance of beautiful, tropical destinations to visit and find their happy place."

As well as indicating some interesting things about people off the beach, the survey also took a look at how they spent their time while there.

Bloody mary drinkers were the most likely to be into surfing (38 percent), daiquiri drinkers like to look for seashells (64 percent) but sex on the beach fans, despite what their favourite tipple's name suggests, actually prefer hiking (32 percent).

Three quarters of those surveyed said they feel truly relaxed when they're having a drink at the beach, but a quarter admitted that the best time to have a drink was after a swim.

What does your favourite beach drink say about you?

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