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Costa Coffee Customers Outraged At 'Ridiculous' Price Increase

Costa Coffee Customers Outraged At 'Ridiculous' Price Increase

People are not impressed at the price rise

Costa Coffee customers have been left fuming after an increase in prices at the popular chain.

Fans of Costa have been taking to social media to complain over the price hike, with many claiming their usual coffee had increased significantly in price.

One person reported a 30p increase on their flat white, while others claimed their medium lattes had gone up from £3.10 to £3.35.

Costa Coffee customers have been left fuming after an increase in prices at the popular chain.

One person wrote on Twitter: "@CostaCoffee 30p increase on my flat white this morning, that's my custom gone."

While another said: "Absolutely astonishing that I get my morning cup of coffee from @CostaCoffee to find the price has increased by 10%, bordering on ridiculous now to charge £3.80. That's a 60p increase since New Year, safe to say you are going to lose a customer of nearly ten years."

And a third added: "So you increase your prices again! A flat white, jumps joyously from £2.95 up to £3.30; a nice round figure for you. What a crafty move to slip in the increases around the jubilee celebrations when your customers are distracted! Cost-of-living crisis? What crisis?"

And a fourth wrote: "£2.95 yesterday and £3.30 today for a flat white? How do you justify a 10% increase?"

Some even suggested 'boycotting' the coffee chain, with another adding: "@CostaCoffee is ripping off customers by the recent price increase. Boycott and go to #McDonalds for a flat white or americanos for the third of the price."

Responding to one tweet about the increase, Costa said: "We have had to I'm afraid. We've been absorbing as much of the inflationary costs as we can but we have had to make the tough decision to increase our drinks pricing. The increase varies depending on drink choice, size etc. but the average increase is 14p."

Costa increased its prices at the start of June, with prices varying depending on beverage and between locations across the country.

A Costa spokesperson told Tyla: “Like all retailers, Costa Coffee is facing unprecedented inflationary pressures resulting in increased costs. We know this is a challenging time for our customers as well, which is why we are absorbing costs wherever we can. Despite this we’ve had to make the difficult decision to increase the prices of our drinks."

Customers complained about the increase in prices on social media.

They continued: “We are always thinking of new ways to offer great value across our range, including our £1 and £2 breakfast deal, available every day.

"We also have additional exclusive offers for our Costa Club members, where customers can earn a free drink after buying eight drinks, or just four drinks when using a reusable cup. Currently they also have the chance to win millions of prizes through a special scan to win Coffee Shot competition.”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/ Costa Coffee

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