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Prince Louis is an ‘absolute mood’ on Buckingham Palace balcony as he spots himself on screen

Prince Louis is an ‘absolute mood’ on Buckingham Palace balcony as he spots himself on screen

The five-year-old joined his family for the special day

Little Prince Louis managed to steal the show during a balcony appearance for King Charles III’s coronation.

The prince, who turned five last month, stood next to big sister, Princess Charlotte, on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

But while the little princess waved nicely to the gathered crowds, Prince Louis could be seen flapping his arms around.

You can see him in action here:

At one point, the youngster appeared to spot himself on the big screen and pointed it out to his sister.

Viewers following the ceremony at home found the prince’s hand gesture adorable, with one fan branding him an ‘absolute mood’.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Prince Louis never disappoints.” He really does not.

Another wrote: “Very much here for Prince Louis’ waving style.”

And someone else commented: “Once again, Prince Louis is proving to be an absolute mood on Buckingham Palace’s balcony.”

While a third added: “Just me that watched the Coronation for the legend that is Prince Louis?”

Absolutely not.

Viewers loved Prince Louis' balcony appearance.

BBC’s Dan Walker shared a clip of the prince alongside the caption: “The lad is a legend.” And I have to agree with you there, Dan.

This isn’t the first-time Prince Louis has left royal fans in stitches with his cheeky behaviour - when he attended Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant in June last year, he pulled faces at the crowd and even stuck his tongue out at mum Princess Kate.

His royal parents were seemingly wary of a similar performance today, as Prince Louis attended the beginning of the coronation ceremony but then ‘retired’ while the two-hour long service got underway.

Disappointed fans of the young Prince took to Twitter to question his whereabouts, with one person commenting: "Don’t want to alarm anyone but Prince Louis seems to have gone missing. #Coronation."

He waved from the car.

And another asking: "Is anyone else wondering where Prince Louis has disappeared to? Did they take him out before he stole the limelight?"

But ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship reassured viewers at home: "Hello from Prince Louis. At age five, we are told he will be seated and then 'retire' for a while during the two-hour service #Coronation."

And it turns out Prince Louis needing a quick break from the coronation chimed with many other people getting involved in this long weekend's celebrations.

One user said: "Think we all maybe should..."

"I don't think I can do two hours either," another wrote.

A third simply stated: "Same."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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