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People shocked after woman shares spreadsheet her ex-boyfriend gave her for expenses

Aisha Nozari

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People shocked after woman shares spreadsheet her ex-boyfriend gave her for expenses

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

A TikToker left her followers shocked when she admitted that an old boyfriend used to email her monthly spreadsheets containing breakdowns of money she owned. All together now: Yikes.

The social media user, whose name is Maddy, shared: “I dug into my emails and I found what a typical monthly Excel spreadsheet would look like.”

The (extremely detailed) spreadsheet in question flashed up on screen as Maddy continued: “He would send me about one of these a month.”

See how unbelievably detailed said spreadsheets were for yourself below:


Maddy added: “As you can see, he was nice enough to colour code it. At the bottom [of the spreadsheet] would be the totals of everything I owed.”

She also shared emails where they would discuss how much she owed, even providing calculations of money to deduct from her owed amount.

Needless to say, Maddy’s followers’ jaws hit the floor, with one person commenting beneath her post: “For anyone who does not know, this is all a huge red flag.”

The spreadsheets were seriously detailed. Credit: TikTok/maddyblythe
The spreadsheets were seriously detailed. Credit: TikTok/maddyblythe

Taking to the Am I the A**hole page, a Reddit user explained that he had saved up for the house with his own money, and so felt his mum should have a key, but his wife didn’t agree.

However, in his lengthy outburst, he also noted that his wife had been paying their rent and daily expenses while he saved for a deposit, a factor many people felt meant he wouldn’t even have been in the position to buy the home if it wasn't for his spouse’s financial contributions.

The backlash was fast and brutal, with one person writing: “You played your wife. You probably told her you would save for a shared home and that's why she should support you and pay your share of the rent.”

Another added: “He doesn't show his wife any respect in this post at all,” while a third wrote: “Even if she isn’t on the house, you bought it as a married couple. She contributed, you just refuse to see it. Even if she didn’t, it’s still BOTH of y’all’s home and she gets a say simply by being your wife.”

Someone else went so far as to say: “I hope the wife leaves him.”

And we have to say, we’re totally on the wife’s side.

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Aisha Nozari
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