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Boss divides opinion after giving blunt response when employee asked to work from home

Boss divides opinion after giving blunt response when employee asked to work from home

They didn't take any time getting straight to the point

We are well and truly in the working from home revolution, with many people across the globe commonly working from the comfort of their at-home desks, sofas and even beds.

Now, while the whole WFH thing is a slightly contentious subject - with some totally loving the freedom it allows while others hate the social isolation it can bring - you can't deny it sometimes is the more convenient option, especially if you're feeling a tad under the weather.

However, one boss has totally divided the internet after giving an extremely blunt response when an employee asked to work from home.

The anonymous worker texted their boss writing: "Morning, will be working from home today."

They went on to explain: "Hay fever got me bad last night so I'm still a snotty/coughing mess."

"Got plenty of partners private and implementations to keep me going in terms of work load today," they reassured their employer.

Clearly expecting the request to go down smoothly, the employee was clearly not expecting what their boss would go on to reply.

One Aussie boss has divided opinion for their blunt message to an employee.
Justin Paget/Getty Images

"Morning," they responded. "I'm sorry you are suffering from hay fever."

After the niceties were out the way, they informed the worker: "I just want to let you know I’ve been informed by (another colleague) previously that team members are not allowed to work from home for reasons such as this."

The boss went on to outline: "It’s been previously explained to me that if a team member feels they are well enough to work from home, then they are well enough to work from the office."


"You'll either need to come into the office for the day and work, or alternatively take today off as sick leave," the brisk message finished up

The message exchange in question.

"Please let me know what you decide to do?"

Now, while the text message exchange doesn't reveal whether the employee ended up taking the day off as sick leave or if they and made their way into the office armed with tissues - it did cause quite a stir on social media.

It was shared via The Aussie Corporate Instagram page accompanied by a poll asking its 97.9k followers whether the employer’s reaction to the WFH request was reasonable or not.

The majority of voters, around, 68 percent to be exact, voted the boss’ response as 'unreasonable' while a measly 10 percent disagreed and said it was a 'reasonable' approach to take.

Where do you stand on it?

Featured Image Credit: Justin Paget/Getty Images / Instagram/@theaussiecorporate

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