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Fortune teller who successfully predicted major events shares what's to come in 2024

Fortune teller who successfully predicted major events shares what's to come in 2024

'Asparamancer' Jemima Packington has already made several startlingly accurate predictions

Whether you're a skeptic or a staunch believer, it's always fun to hear predictions made by alleged psychics about the future of our world.

One British fortune-teller has already gained a reputation for herself in recent years - partially for her startlingly accurate prophesies, and partially because of the downright peculiar way that she conjures them up.

It may surprise you to learn that Bath-born Jemima Packington - who has appeared on This Morning several times since finding herself in the spotlight - uses a particular vegetable to make her predictions.

Describing herself as an 'Asparamancer', Jemima uses the age-old technique of throwing asparagus spears into the air and interpreting how they land.

Laugh all you like at her unconventional custom, but Jemima has been making accurate predictions since she was just eight years old, having inherited the gift from her elderly aunt, who used to read tea leaves.

Jemima uses asparagus to make her predictions.

Among the various accurate predictions she has made in recent years is Britain making the decision to leave the EU, and Andy Murray's epic Wimbledon victory.

In 2019, Jemima prophesied cricket success for England, Big Brother's return to our screens, and that romantic musical A Star is Born would win an Oscar.

She also predicted that Harry and Meghan would step down as senior members of the Royal Family, and a year later, she estimated that 2021 Christmas celebrations would be a modest affair, which happened to be the year that Omicron took hold.

And when it comes to what the incoming year of 2024 has in store for us, Jemima has several other shockers up her sleeve.

Jemima predicted Meghan and Harry would step down from their royal duties.

Catching up with Metro this week, the celebrity psychic predicted a major worldwide regime change, as people revolt against their government's treatment.

She also believes events in the Middle East will ‘reach a breaking point’, and claims we'll see numerous separations and divorces among the Royal Family.

Here are 'Asparamancer' Jemima's most eyebrow-raising predictions for the year ahead:

A regime change will take place throughout the world on an unprecedented scale when people least predict it.

The Royal Family will endure some unsurprising divorces and separations.

The concept of a big-name 'celebrity' will wane, with people wanting more and more to focus on their day to day battles, particularly the cost of living crisis, which Jemima says isn't going away anytime soon.

Team GB will not fare well at the 2024 Olympic Games, unfortunately.

World opinion on the events in the Middle East will change again as tensions reaching a breaking point

Jemima predicts tensions in the Middle East will reach 'breaking point'.
Extremist groups in the UK will lose support.

More female referees will be appointed by England FA to officiate male team matches.

The UK education system will see a severe shake-up, with the onus being transferred from teachers to parents.

Several world leaders will pass away next year, and America will appoint their first female president.

Mental health will become an even more important factor worldwide, and the taboo surrounding it will be liquidised.

She predicts that mental health will be taken more seriously.
Getty/Xavier Lorenzo
Numerous public figures will be found to have abused 'the system' and profited from crimes.

A previous UK leader will return to active politics.

People will stop caring so much about climate change, which will become a victim of compassion overload.

Several well-paid TV stars will get the sack.

And social media influencers will lose their sway when their followers realise there are more important matters at hand.

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