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AI shows what the 'ideal' woman looks like in each country

AI shows what the 'ideal' woman looks like in each country

You might be surprised by some of the results

An AI was asked to come up with the 'ideal' woman from a range of countries around the world and these are the results it generated.

Technology is being used to create images of what people might look like when they're older and what cartoon characters would look like in real life.

However, besides asking AI to cough up supposedly realistic depictions of either the ageing process or turning people from cartoons into actual human faces, it's also been used to create stereotypical or 'ideal' images.

Say hello to the ideal British woman, of course she's wearing a crown.
Great Green Wall

There's the supposedly average looking woman from each city in the UK and Ireland, and what the 'ideal' man looks like in just about every country.

This time we're taking you on a global tour of what an AI believes is the 'ideal' woman from each country, and Miss UK is definitely a throwback to the days of Princess Diana (affectionately referred to as 'Ar Di' in some circles).

Fashion wise, there's a variety of different dresses and what looks like a rejected design for Team GB at the Olympics.

Across the pond in the US, the AI's got a very Marilyn Monroe thing going on.
Great Green Wall

The AI definitely had Marilyn Monroe in mind when it was thinking of the perfect American, and unlike some of the other (many) crowns which appear in these images, that one looks very much like a depiction of the Statue of Liberty's head.

There's certainly a beauty pageant look going on here, and like many of the other AI generated women, she's built like she could punch through walls for fun.

Enchante, mademoiselle Francais. Sorry, I don't know any more French, I stopped after my GCSEs.
Great Green Wall

Meanwhile, the French version is dressing in the colours of her nation's flag and favours a small tiara, though the AI seems to have a predilection for sticking some weird shapes onto her.

What it does know is that if you're repping the Netherlands then you can't go wrong with the colour orange, which is also the name of the Dutch royal family.

The Netherlands certainly does like their orange colour schemes.
Great Green Wall

The AI can recognise that beauty standards and fashions can be very different around the world - as its depiction of the 'ideal' Chinese woman demonstrates.

I confess, I don't know enough about women's fashion throughout the history of China to know if what they're wearing in these pictures is in any way accurate, or looks ridiculous to the learned eye.

Some of these beauty standards might be unattainable, not that the AI knows that.
Great Green Wall

The AI also had a problem with women from colder climates, at least in terms of fashion choices, rather than having some sort of technological vendetta against them.

Their depictions of Canadian women again lean heavily into the whole 'look regal in a crown' style and the 'could punch through a wall' aesthetic. However, given how cold Canada is, you'd worry these women were going to really regret that AI didn't give them a coat.

The 'ideal' Canadian woman must be cold.
Great Green Wall

That's assuming the AI even knows it'd be cold up there - which it's very likely not to - though at least it can draw a decent maple leaf.

The depiction of South Africa has taken great pains to weave the nation's flag in with the 'ideal' woman's dress, though again, I'm not too well versed in vexillology so I don't know if some of those flags are a little bit wrong.

We're not sure if the AI can decide whether she's wearing a dress or a flag.
Great Green Wall

What does appear certain is that the AI loves its crowns, and in the case of Egypt, cooked up a very fancy looking one that wouldn't have looked out of place atop a pharaoh's head.

That being said, the woman on the bottom-right of the picture doesn't look like she's enjoying herself much.

The AI really loves putting crowns on women.
Great Green Wall

Switching over to India now and it seems as though some of the nation's iconic buildings, or at least an AI art program's best estimates of them, are part of the fashion.

There's also a bloke with a lanyard just standing there, how curious.

I think I speak for us all when I ask what the man with the lanyard is doing in the picture.
Great Green Wall

These AI generated images produce a range of different looks, but in the case of many countries there's something homogenous about each of them.

It's also easy to spot some trends the AI seems to like, and that would appear to include women wearing crowns.

Crowns and wearable flags seem to be an AI's idea of the 'ideal' woman.
Great Green Wall

These are only an AI's depiction and it's important to remember that an AI can create something but it may very well have no earthly idea what it's created.

In some cases like Egypt, it appears to be cribbing a look from hundreds if not thousands of years ago, which most people would not dream of wearing in their normal lives.

Then again, most of the other people are wearing crowns and draped in flags so that's hardly normal attire either.

Featured Image Credit: Great Green Wall

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