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AI shows what the most 'beautiful woman' looks like in 100 countries

AI shows what the most 'beautiful woman' looks like in 100 countries

The stunning images have raised important questions about beauty standards throughout the world.

AI has generated what it thinks the most ‘beautiful woman’ looks like in 100 countries and the results are absolutely incredible.

Whilst beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, the clever computer system has used the prompt to give hyperrealistic depictions of women from each nation.

Though we may associate beauty with big make-up and big hair, the AI-generated women look surprisingly natural in the new images.

The images including what the most beautiful woman from the UK would look like.

Created by the team at StyleSeat, the fashion website wanted to know how AI would interpret such a ‘subjective concept’.

To do this, they used the AI system Midjourney – asking the computer for realistic full-body shots of the women against neutral backgrounds.

Having done this, the results didn’t disappoint with clever computer tech creating ‘captivating’ and ‘diverse patterns of beauty’.

StyleSeat said: “The resulting images are captivating. Their allure lies not only in the artistic expression of the AI, but also in the fascinating spectrum of beauty they encapsulate.”

This AI image shows what a beautiful woman from Egypt might look like.

What is perhaps most surprising though, is that most of the images showed the women with minimal make-up – suggesting that beauty really is skin deep.

In fact, most of the women wore a classic jeans and t-shirt combo with minimal styling beyond their curled hair.

Those that did wear alternative outfits, often incorporated traditional dress such as the sari from India, the hijab from the Middle East or wrapped hair from Mali.

AI even generated women from countries with minimal links to the rest of the world, including North Korea - with the image showing a young woman in stark military dress.

There was also diversity in skin tones and facial proportions, showing each nation’s beautiful heritage in each face.

However, there were some beauty standards even AI just couldn’t get past sadly.

The images even incorporated elements of traditional dress, such as this AI-generated woman from Bolivia.
Style Seat

Nearly, every woman was shown to be thin – suggesting a depressing fact about how people think women’s bodies should be.

The team behind the images explained this, saying: “As AI-generated content becomes more ubiquitous, it’s important to remember that the AI’s output is a reflection of the patterns it identifies in the data it is given, which is created by humans.”

They added: “This, however, raises important questions about the diversity of the data we feed into such systems, especially in relation to differing beauty standards across cultures in aspects such as body type, clothing, and more.”

There were also a diverse range of skin tones in the images, including this woman from Mali.

Have seen what the AI tech made of women from over 100 nations, StyleSeat have encouraged other to find their own style beyond the various beauty standards, cultural norms and minimalist fashion show in the image.

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Featured Image Credit: Style Seat

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