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AI creates what the ‘average woman’ from UK and Ireland’s major cities look like

AI creates what the ‘average woman’ from UK and Ireland’s major cities look like

I'm not sure what to think of some of these...

AI has created what the 'average woman' from major cities across the UK and Ireland looks like and the results will likely have you feeling either completely baffled or pretty flattered.

Whether it's showing what the 'perfect' man and woman look like to showing what the ideal woman looks like in each country, it's always interesting to see what AI comes up with - even if the results spark heavy debate.

Largely based on stereotypes and unrealistic beauty standards, it's no wonder AI-generated imagery can draw in mixed opinions, and I'm sure this time is no exception.

Now, AI has shown us what the 'average woman' looks like in major cities such as Manchester, London and Dublin, and some of them are certainly interesting.

Here we go...


Apparently fringes are very Geordie.

Look, I'll be honest - I was expecting more Geordie Shore vibes than this, given the fact it's probably one of the first things many associate with Newcastle.

She also doesn't look that happy considering how fun the city can be, not to mention how good a Newcastle night out is.

No worries pet, let's see if Liverpool is any better...


She's a footie fan.

AI's version of the average scouser isn't all that surprising, is it? Donning a Liverpool FC footie shirt, she's clearly a fan of the reds.

Judging by her expression though, it doesn't look like they won...


I was expecting another footie fan for some reason, but no.

30 miles down the road and we're heading into Manchester, and there's no sign of anything resembling an Oasis fan, footie or that Manc New Year's photo (you know which one I'm talking about). Safe to say, I'm disappointed.

AI, you've really let me down here, mate.


Very artsy.

Definitely one of the most interesting looks on the list, complete with plaid shift and quirky two-toned hair, Glasgow is definitely giving us a bit more - even if she doesn't look overly thrilled about it.


The nailed the pained London commuter expression on this one.

The slightly pained expression, no sign of a smile and sitting on public transport - it's gotta be London! Jokes aside,

I do think they would have been better putting her on a tube but you can't have it all, can you?

I don't think it's a bad job.


She's looking happier than London.

Finally, it's time for Dublin.

I have to say, she's looking happier than London, but I was expecting a bit more from the bustling Irish capital. There's not even a pint of Guinness in sight!

You can find the complete list of 'average women' in our video above. How do you think the robots did? Are you offended or flattered?

Featured Image Credit: Midjourney

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