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You Can Get Paid To Go On Luxury Shopping Sprees

You Can Get Paid To Go On Luxury Shopping Sprees

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Always wanted to treat yourself after pay day but can’t quite justify it? Well, with this new opportunity you can get paid to go on luxury shopping sprees!

The chance to be paid to shop ‘til you drop is thanks to Hush Hush, the online luxury marketplace, are launching a new professional ‘Spenders’ scheme as they want to find out how shopping sprees affect our bodies.

You'll get to spend £5,000 on luxury items during your shopping spree (

So, when a price tag is not an obstacle anymore, Hush Hush want to know how splurging impacts aspects such as heart rate and temperature. As well as getting to keep all of the goods you buy, the scheme also gives you a salary of £100 a day.

The professional big spenders will be supplied with a pre-paid credit card to purchase high-value goods while having their physical and mental behaviour tracked.

Already dreaming of that first big investment? Well, here’s how it will go down.

You'll have your heart rate monitored throughout the spree (
Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio)

Three members of the public will have £5,000 to spend over the course of eight hours while wearing a heart rate monitor. Before and after every purchase, an accompanying medical professional provided by Hush Hush will access and record your pupil dilation, body temperature, sweat and salivation levels.

You will also have to fill out a psychological survey when you purchase something and then again one week later so that the study can see monitor the development of your emotional and mental state.

This is all with the idea of finding out whether the ‘money can buy happiness’ philosophy is true or not.

The role requires no prior experience, it actually prefers if you don't! (

The only requirements for the position are that you are over 18 years old, you have no pre-existing medical conditions that could affect the results of the study or impact your own personal health and safety when conducting the experiment and be able to travel or be based in a metropolitan are so that you can access local luxury shopping outlets.

You also don’t need any prior personal experience. In fact, the less the better! The I will be people are not used to spending large amounts of money on material items.

So, if you are interested in living your Confessions Of A Shopaholic fantasy (without all the debt), apply for the role by filling out this form.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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