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Woman who quit her career to 'submit' to her husband faces furious backlash

Woman who quit her career to 'submit' to her husband faces furious backlash

The tradwife has hit back at trolls who don't approve of her lifestyle

A 22-year-old woman, who describes herself as being submissive to her husband, has opened up about her choice to leave behind her successful career.

Stay-at-home tradwife Aria Lewis first tied the knot when she was aged just 18 and her husband was 24.

Aria, who goes by the handle @mrsarialewis online, regularly takes to TikTok to share with her 17.9k followers snippets about her living situation, daily routines and her marriage which has since caused quite a furious backlash online.

Aria Lewis shares what her life looks like as a 'traditional wife' online.

The woman claims her hubby 'tirelessly provides' for her and, in return, she dedicates her days to 'submission' including cooking all of his meals, cleaning their home, gardening and which is why she is happy to dedicate her life to submission.

In one TikTok video, Aria opened up about all the things she does for her husband which included; making his 'favourite meals', spending their money 'wisely', keeping his clothes clean, being 'receptive to his affection', wearing his 'favourite outfits', spending time with him, keeping their house clean and making their home 'welcoming and beautiful'.

Quite a list that.

The stay-at-home wife says her husband 'tirelessly provides' for her.

The woman, from North Carolina, openly 'submits' to her husband, who she first kissed on their wedding day, and goes about doing so by 'letting him take the lead' and refraining from 'nagging' him as well as listening to all of his opinions.

While many people online are supportive of Aria's lifestyle choice, many have hit out against it and claimed she was the 'vibe of a 60-year-old' which Aria happily embraces as a being a 'tradwife'.

Before she got hitched as a teenager, Aria worked a professional job as a wedding photographer and opened up about her decision to change paths on another TikTok video.

She explained: "Sometimes, working is the best decision for your family, and sometimes staying home is the best decision.

"You and your husband have to make that decision yourselves.

"But for goodness sakes, I cannot tell you the number of people who think I'm immature for staying home and running my side hustles homesteading, tending to my home and healing my body for pregnancy."

Aria said she loves being a homemaker, adding: "I love that I’m the one who gets to serve my husband and future family this way.

"I love that my role as a woman is the role of a homemaker. Not every woman is called to this, but I am."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mrsarialewis

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