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Woman shows how to quickly dry clothes without using tumble dryer

Woman shows how to quickly dry clothes without using tumble dryer

The cleaning maestro took to TikTok to share the hack

We all know that laundry day can be a right old faff.

From dealing with shrunken clothes, lost socks and the chaos of bedsheets - it's fair to say that getting the weekly wash done is one of the most time-consuming and fiddly household jobs.

However, luckily for us, one woman has made the whole laundry ordeal that one bit easier after sharing how to quickly dry clothes without using a tumble dryer.

Laura Williams, who goes by the handle @cleaning_at83, shared with her 1.1 million followers her 'hack for drying your clothes FASTER'.

The cleaning aficionado began the short clip telling viewers: "Everyone hates waiting for the clothes to dry on the airer - am I right?"

You sure are, Laura.

"Here's a little hack to get those clothes dry and quicker," she continued, before providing a step-by-step tutorial of the nifty trick.

TikToker, Laura Williams, shared how to dry clothes quickly without a tumble dryer.

Laura put the drying rack full of clean laundry next to her radiator and covered the whole thing with a bed sheet.

She then tucked one end of the sheet down the back of the radiator and voìla!

"Make sure the heating is on," the TikToker added.

People clearly couldn't get enough of Laura' laundry hack with hundreds upon hundreds rushing into the comments to share their reactions.

One TikTok user praised: "That’s a great idea!"

"What wait," admitted a second. "I’m 50 I’ve never tried this!"

A third penned: "Job solved no more dreading wash day."

"I do this every winter thought I was the only one!" wrote a fourth, while a fifth chimed in: "I did this for years before I bought a dryer."

Some people were worried about the hack being a 'fire hazard'.

Another echoed: "Yessss!!! I started doing this last year! Freaking game changer!!!"

A seventh TikTok user declared: "Trying this now."

Others, however, clearly weren't as impressed.

"No, you're wrong," commented one viewer. "You're causing mildew and excess moisture in the air all you need to do is just put the airer in a room with the window open."

A second claimed the hack will make the laundry 'all humid and horrid' while a third quipped: "Fire hazard that."

"Enclosing the radiator sounds a bit dangerous to me," added a fourth. "I’d be worried about scorching &/or fire."

A final TikTok user remarked: "Probably costs more than the dryer if you don’t actually need your heating on."

Will you be giving the drying rack hack a spin?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@cleaning_at83

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