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Woman horrified to discover kitchen floor is completely different colour after cleaning it

Woman horrified to discover kitchen floor is completely different colour after cleaning it

People were pretty gobsmacked at the results.

A woman was left horrified at her dirty kitchen floor after realising it was a totally different colour once clean.

TikToker @cleaningwithemmab shared a video of herself cleaning the floor, explaining that when she first moved into the house, she just assumed it was supposed to be that colour.

Prepare to have your minds blown:

Emma explained: "Since we moved in, this is the colour we thought the kitchen floor should be. I happened to get some dirt off with a scrubbing brush and soon found it wasn't.

"This took some effort and a lot of water changes."

In the clip, Emma shows followers how the floor looks before cleaning, and after - and followers were blown away by the results.

"Honestly [can't] believe it the results are worth the wait!" Emma captioned the clip.

It truly goes to show the magic of boiling water and elbow grease!

Emma realised it was a totally different colour when clean.

Followers were seriously impressed with how the floor turned out, with one asking: "What did you use to clean it? It came up really well."

While another said: "That’s absolutely insane bet it looks mint now."

And a third added: "Wow you did an amazing job I can't imagine how tough this was to clean!"

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "This made my jaw drop when I saw the difference, what a fab job you’ve done cleaning the floor, it looks brand new!"

And a fifth said: "It looks like they’ve never mopped it (the previous owners) I love cleaning stuff like this."

And another advised: "You need to send this video to your Real Estate agent because they need to reimburse you for your cleaning costs."

Replying to those who asked what she had used, Emma confirmed: "Literally just fairy liquid and hot water and a good scrubbing brush, worked a treat."

She shared a before and after.

In other TikTok cleaning news, earlier this week we showed you how one woman shared a genius trick to removing carpet dents from her stairs.

In the clip, TikToker and cleaning guru @lauracleanz reveals how she spruced up the carpet on her stairs after removing her baby gate.

"So I got rid of the baby gate today on the stairs which was a big achievement because it's been there for so, so many years," Laura explained.

The TikToker turns her attention to the dent, where the baby gate has rested.

"This is ice I'm putting on the dents. I heard it's a really good idea to get the dents out of the carpet," she continued.

Laura placed cylinder shaped ice cubes into the dent, and moments later it appears to have totally disappeared.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@cleaningwithemmab

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