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Woman Shares 'Amazing' Dishwasher Hack To Stop Glasses Coming Out Cloudy

Woman Shares 'Amazing' Dishwasher Hack To Stop Glasses Coming Out Cloudy

A woman has just revealed an incredible dishwater hack to leave your glasses squeaky clean.

Nothing is worse than when you're getting ready to pour out a nice glass of wine or start creating your own cocktails at home and the cup you have to work with is covered in non-budging cloudy marks.

One Facebook user, however, has recently cracked the code for getting rid of those stubborn streaks once and for all.

Posted to the The Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, which currently holds a whopping 629.9K active members, one woman swears that the key to crystal-clear glasses is none other than a little bit of tin foil.

People are amazed at this brand-new cleaning hack.
Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips/Facebook

She advises her fellow cleaning-savvy companions with two very simple instructions: "Sounds strange," she begins.

"Scrunch up a bit of tin foil (and) put it in the cutlery tray," the woman continued.

The Facebook user concluded: "Works a treat, glasses come out sparkling."

Another member of The Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group attested to the hack, stating: "I do this! It's amazing. Cutlery, glasses, pans etc come out sparkling."

Glasses "come out sparkling" with this hack.
Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips/Facebook

And science confirms it!

Basically, the mix of both tin foil (aluminium) and the dishwashing cleaner (baking soda) works in tandem to lift silver sulfide, otherwise known as tarnish - which is the exact substance that is leaving that cloudy residue all over your glasses.

The whole chemical reaction works even better when warm water is added to the mix - hence why a simply crumpled up ball of some tin foil can make all the difference to your soon-to-be glistening glassware.

The mix of tinfoil and baking soda works in tandem to lift the tarnish.
Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips/Facebook

Other members of the group chimed in with their DIY dish-cleaning hacks.

Opting for a more organic method, one Facebook user recommended people to: "Cut a lemon in half and rub it all over the glass then hand wash - and it comes straight off."

Many others swapped experience with different branded products for dishwasher salt, pods and rinse aid: "Mine did this with Finish products but once I changed products to Fairy and supermarket rinse aid it stopped."

Other members of the group chimed in with their DIY dish-cleaning hacks.
Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips/Facebook

One person outright refused to even put her glassware in the dishwasher for fears of the stubborn cloudy stains.

She revealed: "I never wash glasses in (the) dishwasher...found too many went this way. So now, I just wash them separately..."

Another cleaning-savvy woman also used a similarly outside-of-the-box method and she revealed her special hack to make your cutlery sparkle.

"Who knew!” commented one person, while another was clear excited to test it out for herself, “Ohhhhh I’m gonna try!”

You can read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips/Facebook/Alamy

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