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Woman Swears By Dishwasher 'Tin Foil' Hack To Make Cutlery Sparkle

Woman Swears By Dishwasher 'Tin Foil' Hack To Make Cutlery Sparkle

Let your cutlery dazzle!

If you’re constantly scrubbing at your silverware and left saddened by the smears, then we have a trick for you.

TikTok user @jojo.butterflylove revealed a must-try hack for those with dishwashers, and who want gleaming cutlery.

Watch the video below.

Sparkling silverware, as if by magic!

How does it work? Well, the tin foil experiences a chemical reaction with the ingredients in your dishwasher tablets.

This results in an oxidation process – the chemicals in the detergent interact with the metal in the foil to create an ‘ion exchange’.

In simple terms, this oxidises any tarnishes in your cutlery and leaves your silverware looking as good as new.

It should be noted that this only really works on real silverware, and not stainless steel cutlery some people have – so try this on your best cutlery!

Get your cutlery sparkling (

Fans were so wowed by the TikTok video, it quickly amassed over 20,000 likes, with hundreds of comments.

“Who knew!” said one viewer, in addition to a cry-laughing emoji.

“Ohhhhh I’m gonna try!” a second person said.

“Interesting…thanks!” a third agreed, while a fourth said: “I must try this!”

Others recommended similar tips to get sparkling silverware.

This is how you make your cutlery shiny (
TikTok - @jojo.butterflylove)

“Just put apple cider/white vinegar instead in that compartment and you get the exact same results,” one person suggested.

“Use jet dry liquid, it does the same!” a second said.

“Put vinegar and baking soda with water and with tin foil in sink and soak silverware!” said a third. “New silverware.

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TikToker @hannahroberts175 shared her mind-blowing method, which left viewers stunned.

“This is genius!” one person wrote, while a second agreed: “Genius! Where was this seven and 12 years ago when I needed it!!”

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok - @jojo.butterflylove

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