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Woman slammed as 'rude and inconsiderate' after using plastic sheet to cover plane seat

Woman slammed as 'rude and inconsiderate' after using plastic sheet to cover plane seat

Reddit was divided over how to react

A woman has found herself at the centre of an internet storm after she decided to take extra precautions with the cleanliness of her plane seat.

Now, as we all know, public transport of any kind can be a minefield, and generally speaking, it's a good idea to cause as little trouble for other passengers as possible.

But one woman simply wasn't prepared to sit on a plane seat without taking action - presumably in a bid to make it feel cleaner to sit on.

She did so by covering it in a large plastic sheet that just so happened to obscure the in-flight television system of the person sitting behind her.

The woman's actions divided Reddit.
Reddit / mildlyinfuriating

A picture of the woman's actions was subsequently posted to Reddit with the caption: "I guess no entertainment for my wife on this flight..."

The picture was posted to the sub-Reddit 'mildly infuriating', where, as its name suggests, people share the mildly infuriating things they've encountered in their day-to-day lives.

However, while the person who posted the image might have found it mildly infuriating, as far as Reddit users were concerned, they were divided.

One in agreement with the original poster suggested: "Flip it back over the lady's head."

A second joked: "Oh, that's a simple fix, call the flight attendant over and inform them that you can't see the screen because the person in front of you put a chair condom on."

"It would be mildly infuriating for her since it would be over her head in about 10 seconds," imagined a third critic.

"The same with people that invade your space with their nasty feet. I'd poke them with a sharp object so fast. Homie don't play that sh*t."

However, not everyone thought that the woman was intentionally being a nightmare passenger.

How would you have reacted to the seat cover?
Alamy / Jesús Pérez Pacheco

One Reddit user suggested that she likely didn't realise that the cover was blocking the screen, writing: "I'm sure she put her jacket on the seat without really realising it would block the TV. All you have to do is kindly ask her to move it and she will."

"She could also say something," added a second. "Chances are the person didn't think about it. Most people are decent about stuffs like that."

"Really the only infuriating thing here is the poster," slammed a third. "Did you ask if she could adjust, try adjusting it yourself, do anything remotely adult? Nope, need those internet points."

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Reddit / Jesús Pérez Pacheco / Alamy Stock Photo

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