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Woman makes her boyfriend take labour pain simulator to feel what giving birth is like

Shola Lee

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Woman makes her boyfriend take labour pain simulator to feel what giving birth is like

Featured Image Credit: @ryanmoore9216/TikTok

A woman made her boyfriend try a labour simulator after he thought childbirth looked easy. And of course, he had absolutely no idea what he was in for when he agreed.

Ryan Moore, who's from Wigan, was hooked up to the machine by his partner Shaunna Thompson, and we're not sure we blame her for doing it at all.

It's safe to say he won't be saying labour looks easy anymore:


The video was posted with the caption: "When you think labour isn't that bad, so she makes you feel it," and sees Shaunna dialling up the machine, moving through different levels of pain.

At first, the tough guy seems to be taking it well but as the TikToker gets to levels four, five, and six he can be seen writhing about in pain.

At one point he even shouts: "Turn it off, turn it off, or I'll rip it off."

As you can imagine, viewers were quick to chime in, with one writing: "Where did you guys find this? I'm pregnant and wanna show the other half what it's like."

Another suggested he didn't even experience half the pain: "What they don’t get is when your actually pushing baby out & ur crowning... that’s the real pain!!"

It's safe to say her boyfriend didn't enjoy the experience. Credit: @ryanmoore9216/TikTok
It's safe to say her boyfriend didn't enjoy the experience. Credit: @ryanmoore9216/TikTok

While a third thought it was hilarious that Ryan asked to 'turn it off', saying: "imagine being in hospital and wouldn't it be nice to ask the nurse to turn it off or asking her to chill it out."

For anyone wondering what's causing the poor bloke's pain, it's a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine.

The machine, usually operated by batteries, uses leads and sticky pads (electrodes) to administer mild electrical currents to the muscles, which mimics a similar feeling to labour.

It should be noted that the machine is not suitable for everyone.

But recently, the simulation experience has become popular, with pregnant women taking their partners to experience what they're going through.

There's even a company called the Labour Pain Experience, that offers a 7 minute session as a gift.

Yep, because nothing screams happy birthday like an obscene amount of pain.

With the company taking to Facebook to write "STUCK FOR A UNIQUE GIFT IDEA?

Bump to Birth experience to envision labour at a rapid pace.

Wear a weighted bump and attempt household activities whilst heavily pregnant before attempting 7 minutes of labour contractions."

And, if you thought the guy on TikTok was going through it, wait until you see the lad at this clinic.

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Shola Lee
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