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Mum left mortified as she shares video of husband helping her poo after giving birth

Mum left mortified as she shares video of husband helping her poo after giving birth

It's a reality a lot of parents will recognise

In a true demonstration of motherhood humbling us all, one mum has shared a video revealing 'the reality of birth', showing her husband helping her clean up after her first postpartum bowel movement.

The intimate postpartum video starts with Tiffany Remington of Portland, Oregon, speaking to camera on a 7 July TikTok video with 7.4 million views so far.

It was filmed after the birth of the pairs second baby, Calvin.

"It's time to poop after birth and for me, it is just as mortifying as birth," she begins, speaking to camera.

The camera then cuts to Tiffany sitting on the toilet in her hospital room after taking a stool softener (the video captions inform us) before husband, Caleb, assists her with wiping.

"Ow!" exclaims Tiffany, before her husband compliments her on what she's produced.

"Okay, I think you're clean," says Caleb, before he chats about his wife's stitches as he preps her maternity pad (to absorb vaginal bleeding after birth) and postpartum underwear.

"Inflamed a bit?" asks Tiffany.

"I see a b**thole," he says, and when asked if it's 'pursed out' he comments that it 'looks like a clitoris'.

He tells her: "It's just puffy and inflamed."

Rather unhelpfully, he tells her he gets an 'electric shock on his pelvic floor every time he thinks about her stitches' - which is met with an eye roll from his wife who's just gone through it.

He then helps his wife put the pad in her underwear and helps her get dressed.

Sadly, Tiffany has captioned the video to mitigate the negativity she's received: "Before any toxic messages roll through, yes I am fully capable of doing this on my own...but my husband asked if he could help bc he knows I hate the feeling of being dirty and choose not to wipe because of my tears, inflammation and comfortability."

Her original caption read: "This is the reality of birth, not just the newborn snuggles.

"The first visit to the loo can be terrifying.

She continued: "You don't have the adrenaline of pushing out a baby so it can be painful. It can also feel like you’re doing this alone and experiencing these (very) real feelings by yourself. I promise you, you're not!"

On why she chose to share she said: "We share these intimate moments because often times, especially as first time birthers, you don't know what to expect or what is normal," she wrote. "THIS IS NORMAL."

She continues: "My husband and I pride (ourselves) on being there for one another and push each other to ask and accept help."

She then concludes: "We are very independent people who are strong willed, so moments like these bond us in the most special way. Love him. Love us."

She decided to speak out on her decision to share the intimate situation.

TikTok users were both awestruck and horrified.

"I would love support but this is WAY too much support," said one.

Another agreed: "I could never be this comfortable with someone."

Another took a different view: "Honestly this is amazing ... a lot of women go into postpartum not knowing what to expect after giving birth and this is so real!

With another agreeing: "Couple goals."

Others simply asked: "Why would you record and post this?"

NCT says of the reality of the first postpartum poo: "You might not need to poo for a few days after you have given birth, but don’t let yourself get constipated.

"If you’ve had stitches, you may be particularly concerned. Rest assured, it’s very unlikely that you will break the stitches or open up the tear again."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ustheremingtons

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