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Nurse sparks outrage over her treatment of Black pregnant woman

Nurse sparks outrage over her treatment of Black pregnant woman

Footage of a nurse practitioner accusing a pregnant black woman of fraud has gone viral.

Footage of a nurse's treatment of a pregnant Black woman has gone viral.

In the awful video, a woman named Jillian, 25, is berated by a nurse at a Philadelphia clinic.

The incident occurred on 6 October, when the expectant mum went to pick up a pre-approved doctor's note.

Jillian shared the footage online and it's pretty horrendous to watch:

In the clip, the nurse asks Jillian, who is already mum to a three-year-old: "What were you thinking about when you got pregnant? That you were not going to work?"

A question seemingly prompted by Jillian attending the clinic to pick up a doctor's note allowing her to being her maternity leave early, due to the 'pain' she had been experiencing.

The nurse continues to question Jillian's motives for obtaining a doctor's note, saying: "Because I had three kids. I worked up until the second they were born."

Jillian, who is keeping her cool, says: "I was thinking about having a kid," but as the conversation continues things get more heated and the nurse says that her doctor's note could be seen as 'fraud'.

We're not exactly sure how she came to that conclusion, and neither is Jillian, who adds: "It’s not fraud — if it was fraud, the doctor wouldn’t be getting me my note right now."

Jillian shared the video to TikTok.

She goes on to question the nurse asking: “How do you know how I feel? How do you know how my body feels inside?"

The nurse hits back with: "Because I stuck my hand in there and checked your cervix," and at this point we'd like to note that the physical appearance of your cervix doesn't dictate your overall health, as Jillian also notes.

And, as you can imagine, people hit back at the horrendous clip on Twitter, with one user saying: "This is the c*** that happens! My girlfriend was weeks away from delivery kept complaining of pain and malaise asked doc to take baby early. Doc refused to even consider. Week later, baby dead in utero due to infection. And yes she had to deliver a stillborn baby full term.."

People were quick to respond on Twitter.

Another added: "What this patient 'was thinking when she got pregnant' is not part of ANY examination and 100% none of Karen’s business. Please tell me she is fired."

Tyla has reached out to the clinic for comment.

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