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Woman leaves new husband for her cousin at wedding reception

Woman leaves new husband for her cousin at wedding reception

The bride turned up to the wedding to find her husband-to-be was drunk and it went all downhill from there

A new bride left her husband for her cousin just hours after the pair exchanged vows.

Cearia tied the knot with husband Sam in Aberdeen, Maryland, and had asked her cousin Kyle - who also happens to be her ex - to walk her down the aisle and give her away. You can see how it all went down here:

The unusual nuptials played out on TLC’s Gypsy Brides US, with Kyle admitting to the camera that he had feelings for Cearia prior to the wedding.

Kyle revealed: “Today’s Cearia’s wedding day and I’m going to have to walk her down the aisle and hand her off to Sam.

“It’s going to be one of the harder moments of my life because, at the end of the day, I wanna be where he is - but I have to deal with it.”

Seemingly pre-empting the situation, Sam told the camera he wasn’t ‘too thrilled’ about the fact Cearia was having ‘someone she had been in a past relationship with giving her away’.

However, as he found out ‘last-minute’, there was little he could do.

Cearia tied the knot with her husband Sam but it wasn’t to last.

And it wasn’t a perfect day for Cearia, either.

The bride, wearing a full-on Disney princess style gown, said that she ‘walked into a disappointment’ and could smell booze on his breath. Not exactly what every girl dreams of for her big day.

At one point, Sam even dropped the ring on the floor, with Cearia chastising him: “Yeah, because you had a little bit too much to drink. It’s ridiculous.”

Cearia was visibly upset and angry as she says her vows, telling the officiant she won’t be saying ‘take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity’ but instead ‘take this ring as a sign of my love’. So, there’s clearly trouble on the horizon for Sam.

She left with her cousin, who was also her ex.

With the ceremony over, the couple head off to their reception and to cut the cake - where Sam can be seen knocking back more alcohol before chowing down on a cake, while Cearia gets more and more upset.

“He can’t f**king talk, he can’t stand, everything that comes out of his mouth is, like, a slur. It’s embarrassing, I’m so mad,” she tells the camera.

In the end, it all gets too much for Cearia who says she wants ‘out of this f**king dress’ and storms off away from her groom.

At this point, Kyle approaches her and tells her: “Now’s the time to just slip away.” and they do - running off from the reception together and Cearia confirming: “The marriage is done. I’m leaving with Kyle.”


Featured Image Credit: TLC

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