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Woman walks out on husband after discovering he was using food banks despite them earning £160,000

Woman walks out on husband after discovering he was using food banks despite them earning £160,000

A woman walked out on her husband after discovering his extensive use of food banks despite them earning £160k

A livid woman has walked out on her husband after discovering he was using food banks despite them earning a huge £160,000 ($200,000).

She could not believe it when she found out he had been stocking up their kitchen cupboards with products he’d picked up from the banks – groceries meant for those struggling to afford essentials.

The American said she’s often battled with her husband’s ‘frugality’ as he likes to ‘control’ her spending and has the final say on how to use his earnings.

On a Reddit post, she explains he earns more than her but she does also have a ‘substantial’ trust fund and their annual household income is over $200,000 (£160,000).

And as they have ‘more than enough food’ at home which they buy from the supermarket, some of the items he picks up at the food banks often end up being ‘thrown away’.

She says the average income in their area is much lower than theirs, at below $50,000 (£39,000), but he insists on using the food banks to ‘save money’.

The unnamed woman ended up packing her bags and staying with her brother.

She explains: “He intentionally looks disheveled and uses our beat-up car to blend in, even though he’s never experienced food scarcity.

“I’ve explained to him the need for food donations in our community, even showing him social media posts from local food banks, but he remains indifferent. I suggested he volunteer or donate to gain firsthand experience, but he refuses.”

After his frequent visits there, things got worse this week when she discovered he had filled the fridge with ‘fresh produce and meat’ that definitely wasn’t from their usual store.

She writes: “When I confronted him, he admitted to going to a food bank after seeing a Facebook post about a donation of fresh food.

“People on social media were already asking if any was left, and there wasn’t. I showed him these comments, but he brushed them off, claiming people should have gone earlier.”

The woman was left ‘exhausted by the situation’ so packed her bag and went to stay at her brother’s for the weekend.

But now her husband is accusing her of ‘overreacting and being vindictive’ and is even ‘threatening’ to return to the food banks regardless of how she feels.

Her husband uses their 'beat-up car' to visit the food banks.

She then writes: “Yes, I could let this go and not scold him, but the food he takes could have gone to people who truly need it.

“I’m not leaving my husband, but I need a few days away to gain some clarity.”

The woman asks other users if she was ‘wrong’ for wanting space from him.

One writes: “You are absolutely not wrong to want space. I would want permanent space.”

And another puts: “I would go to the food bank with his photo and speak to the person in charge.

"Tell them you’re very sorry your husband has been coming, but you want to let them know he is not in need of a food bank.

"If possible, I’d offer to make a charitable donation to cover the food he has taken from them. I don’t know if they can outright refuse him or not, but it’s worth a shot.”

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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