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Aldi is giving away free rosé today and tomorrow

Aldi is giving away free rosé today and tomorrow

Just when you thought Aldi couldn't get any better, the supermarket revealed a free rosé pop-up running for a whole two days

Just when you thought Aldi couldn't get any better, the supermarket has revealed a free rosé pop-up running for a whole two days.

Calling all basic b***hes, this one's for you. Aldi has heard and answered your prayers.

As soon as the sun's rays start creeping across the UK, you can hear the sound of sandals sprinting along the pavement as women flock to the streets to toast an Aperol Spritz or glass of ice-cold rosé to the start of summer.

And supermarket chain Aldi's decided to get the party started by launching a two-day long rosé billboard ahead of National Rosé Day on 10 June - yes, it's actually a thing.

Yes, we repeat, a billboard giving away rosé for free. But which city in the UK is it located in?

Well, it may come a surprise to you given it's normally pouring it down there, but Aldi's decided to launch the rosé billboard in St Ann's Square in Manchester.

The reason? The North-West is the UK's biggest rosé-loving region according to the supermarket chain's sales data.

Aldi's data - looking at more than 1,000 rosé drinkers - not only reveals the north-west as the region which loves the pink drink 'more than any other in the UK,' but also shows two thirds of people surveyed believe rosé is the 'perfect summer drink'.

However, 55 percent of people only believe in adding ice to their rosé if the weather is hot which means 45 percent think it's acceptable to risk drinking rosé at room temperature or even lukewarm. It's a no from me.

Their reason? They don't want to dilute their drink, which is fair enough, but have they not heard of the hack of freezing fruit or freezing wine into cubes instead?

Aldi has launched a two-day rosé billboard in Manchester.

If you manage to get your hands on some free rosé, how will you enjoy it?

Aldi found 34 percent think crisps are the perfect rosé accompaniment, but others pair their Provence with some debatable meals.

The supermarket's survey reveals six percent of those included like to drink their rosé with a doughnut in hand, 10 percent with a curry, 13 percent with cake and 16 percent with a roast dinner.

The results ultimately prove rosé may be a classy summer drink but you can always count of a bunch of Brits to bring it down.

The survey also reveals what temperature people believe is prime rosé-drinking time which has set the timings for when the St Ann's billboard starts pouring.

When it reaches 19.2 degrees, you know what time it is.

Aldi's Managing Director of Buying, Julia Ashfield, reflected: "Setting up the world’s first billboard to dispense rosé at a certain warm temperature was a challenge in Manchester, which is noted for rain.

"But as the centre of the region which loves rosé more than any other in the UK, fortunately everything came up rosé."

But what magical temperature does the rosé start free-flowing I hear you ask?

Run, don't walk to St Ann's Square.

The St Ann's Square billboard pop-up will last from today (Thursday, 8 June) until tomorrow (Friday, 9 June) and will be serving free rosé from roughly 1pm until 7pm - as soon as the weather hits 19.2C.

With rosé-lovers enjoying an average of 63 glasses per summer, you may as well get cracking now.

So, get your weather app out and at the ready and run, don't walk to get your summer started.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi / AKP Photos / Alamy Stock Photo

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