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Woman Hits Back After Being Criticised Over Her Choice Of Wedding Guest Dress

Woman Hits Back After Being Criticised Over Her Choice Of Wedding Guest Dress

She was also told her dress would also photograph white...

A woman has hit back after she was accused of being 'delusional' for wearing a champagne coloured dress to a wedding.

Erika Wheaton, 25, was slammed by her social media followers after she posted a snap of herself in a strapless, gold Bec & Bridge maxi dress alongside her boyfriend. Watch below:

Unfortunately for the wellness influencer, who was 248K followers on Instagram, some people thought that she'd broken the golden rule of wedding attire by dressing like a bride herself.

She was told that the $240 dress would 'photograph white' and was branded 'delusional'.

"[You're] lucky your bride was more laidback than most," slammed one critic.

Now, she's taken to TikTok to prove this specific hater wrong, and she did so by showing photographs of herself at the wedding where the dress still looks very much gold.

TikTok users then weighed in on the original critique of the dress.

One wrote: "|'d rather someone show up to my wedding in neutrals than bright green or something obnoxious like all of TikTok suggests."

"People have such a monster bride mentality about dresses," observed a second. "Like yeah, don't wear white, but this is def not white. Also every bride is different."

"I work for the designer and this dress is 100% bronze/gold - literally could not be further from white!!" wrote a third viewer, who arguably has more of a right to an opinion than most.

"This was the colour of my bridesmaids' dresses so… and I wasn't a chill bride. The dress was champagne," remarked a fourth.

The controversial dress.
TikTok / @erikawheaton

However, there were still some people who thought that the dress colour was inappropriate.

A critic weighed in: "Yikes this is way too close to champagne for my taste… why do people risk it with ANY light shade?"

"Personally I would hesitate wearing it because I see what she means, but the bride clearly has no issue and ultimately it's her call! Pretty dress," added a second.

"Any form of white, gold, champagne, light light pink etc…. Should be left for bride and bride only," asserted a third viewer. "I don't understand why people do this."

Meanwhile, there was this critic who simply implied the dress was too eye-catching.

They wrote: "I've always thought it was more of a 'don't try to outshine the bride' situation. I'd be sad if you were in that next to me in all my photos."

What do you think of the dress?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @erikawheaton

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