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Man Buries Late Nan In Bride’s New Wedding Dress By Accident

Man Buries Late Nan In Bride’s New Wedding Dress By Accident

The groom was mortified when he realised what had happened.

A groom accidentally buried his fiancée's grandma in her wedding dress, due to a devastating mix up.

You can watch the video below:

Over on TikTok, Kasia, from bridal boutique @kasias_bridal, explained to her followers that she had received a phone call from a groom, desperate to re-order his fiancée's wedding dress.

The groom explained that while the wedding was still in just a few months' time, he desperately needed to re-order the exact same dress, with the identical alterations and customisations.

The dress the bride had originally ordered was being stored in her mum's wardrobe for safe keeping, with Kasia explaining she couldn't possibly understand why they would need a new dress.

And after checking with the designer, she explained to the groom that it wouldn't be possible due to the time constraints.

Kasia explained what had happened.

"The groom breaks down crying, and in the meantime I hear another guy in the background, and he grabs the phone and says 'listen, I'm the brother of the bride', and he told me his name and I said I don't understand what's happening here, I'm doing the best I could, my heart goes out to you, is everything OK? Is the bride OK?"

The brother then explained that their grandmother had passed away two weeks prior, and added that she had wanted to be buried in her wedding dress.

The bride's brother and the groom were instructed to retrieve the dress from the wardrobe - where the bride's new dress was also being stored - but, in a devastating mix up, instead of taking their grandma's dress, they took the bride's new gown by accident.

"Just being guys, they didn’t know any better,” said Kasia. “They didn’t know there were multiple wedding dresses in the closet.

"So now we’re on a mad hunt to get this dress because [the] bride does not know that this dress is buried six feet under with grandma."

The dress had been hanging in the wardrobe.

Luckily, there was a happy ending, with Kasia explaining that the brother, groom and the mum decided to come clean to the bride to tell her what had happened.

And it all worked out perfectly in the end, as Kasia was able to create a new dress which the bride was 'thrilled' about, because she had recently discovered she was pregnant, and needed to size-up anyway.

"She was thrilled by getting a new dress," explained Kasia.

We're so glad this all worked out!

Featured Image Credit: @kasias_bridal/TikTok/Shutterstock

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