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People Divided After Bride Wants Beach 'Shut Down' For Wedding Day

People Divided After Bride Wants Beach 'Shut Down' For Wedding Day

Social media viewers are seriously torn.

People have been left divided after a bride admitted she wanted the beach to be 'shut down' for her wedding day

On the Reddit thread r/AmITheA**hole, a newly married woman explained how she recently tied the knot with her husband on a beach-front hotel in Cancun, Mexico. 

However, there were many other holidaymakers present at the beach who were in 'the sea playing or doing jet ski activities'.

“It really bothered me because they would appear in the background so I told my wedding planner about it. She was very understanding and said she would fix it," she explained to the online forum.

The anonymous bride has taken to Reddit to ask if she's an 'a**hole' for wanting the beach shut down.

However, the wedding planner was unable to move other vacationers on from the area, who instead 'just declined and continued'.

"I even took the time to go myself and ask them to stop but they didn’t care,” the bride admitted.

“I was about to go and tell someone from the hotel but my now husband stopped me and said it would be an a**hole thing to do. I told him standing up for myself wasn’t an a**hole thing to do and went looking for hotel staff, but they said there was nothing they could do.”

Now, the recently married woman is looking for answers as to whether she did the right thing.

“When I returned my husband was moody and I wonder if it really was an a**hole thing to do. Am I the a**hole?”

Soon, fellow social media viewers chimed in with their thoughts, and onlookers are seriously divided about the events.

One person wrote: “My friends got married on the beach at a resort near there. We have a wonderful gallery of fat men in tiny speedos. Bride and groom kissing, a balding sunburned man watching. We were all wearing Hawaiian shirts and all the other tourists were happy and cheering in the background. 

She recently tied the knot on a beach in Cancun, Mexico.

“There was one cool shot with a windsurfer in the background, behind the bride and groom.

They could photoshop them out but the bride and groom were relaxed and we all joked about it and it was a fun day for everyone. Then there’s this couple…”

Someone then replied to the above commenter: “More like this bride. The groom seems pretty chill and I hope he has a good time at his next wedding.”

Another person wrote: “I had a small ceremony then my husband and I walked through the city centre with our photographer on the way to our reception venue. We have some great photos of people in the background! ‘Hello city council, can you please shut down your city centre for our photos?’”

“I got married at a beautiful location in a public park,” someone else admitted. When I booked the venue the city warned me that while I had a right to the gazebo I couldn't prevent people from using the park around and they could be watching the ceremony or be in the background of pictures. 

“I didn't care and found most people to be very respectful of not walking through photos and didn't mind having strangers tell me my dress was beautiful or shout congratulations as they passed. It was actually really awesome.”

Another added: “I got married in the desert at Seven Magic Mountains. Little did we know, the Mrs America Pageant was being held there, salsa music and everything, along with 3 other weddings. Whatever!! Made for a great story!”

Meanwhile, some people understood her desire for privacy on her special day, with one person writing: “I believe in California, they actually do close the beaches when you get married at a resort. 

“You have to pay to use the beach so it is closed to the public. Idk if that was the case. Sounds like she believed it would be the case but it’s not.”

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