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A woman has gone viral after her leggings fooled social media users into believing she turned up to the gym partially nude.

The fitness influencer - who goes by the username @_toupoouu1 on TikTok - has amassed a huge 16 million views for the clip which shows her squatting in a public gym with seemingly no bottoms on.

She often shares workout clips from the gym while wearing skin-coloured outfits, which may make some social media users have a double take while scrolling through their feed.

In the viral video, the TikToker approaches the squat rack while wearing her flesh-toned leggings.

After the TikTok started making the rounds on the video-sharing platform, users flocked to the comments section to share their shock and confusion.

The woman's nude leggings have left some people confused.

“Immediately ran to the comments,” one TikTok user declared, which garnered over 156,000 likes from those who also followed suit.

“I still don’t think it’s pants,” someone else shared, while a third wrote: "I GASPED."

Other people in the comments were far more concerned and confused about the woman’s choice of gym attire.

“WHY WOULD U CHOOSE THAT COLOR,” one replied in the comments.

“Girl. Get another color of tights,” another person kindly suggested with a smiling emoji.

In another TikTok case of a person's outfit dividing the internet, a woman was left mortified after she was sent a note from her neighbour, who spotted her out walking in her pyjamas.

You can watch the video below:

TikToker @emilyk8zz, was almost too stunned to speak and can be seen with her hand covering her mouth in shock in the video.

"My neighbour just left me this note," the video explains.

In the letter, the neighbour complains about Emily's choice of clothing while nipping out to the bins.

It reads: "Hi, my husband can see you on our ring camera - please put pants on when you take out your trash!!! - Your neighbour."

Many TikTok users couldn't stop laughing when they read the note, with many urging the woman to tell her neighbour her husband might be problem.

One person wrote: "Write back. 'Thanks but I'm good. Talk to your husband, not me'."

While another said: "Write back to her. nope I'm good thanks lol my yard my business."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@_toupoouu1

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