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People are taking the mick out of woman after she makes blunder at Cheltenham Festival

People are taking the mick out of woman after she makes blunder at Cheltenham Festival

A woman who went to Cheltenham for the first time admitted she 'had no idea what was going on'

A woman has documented her first time visiting Cheltenham Festival and despite admitting she 'had no idea what was going on' it turned out rather well.

It's one of the biggest horse racing events of the year as people come from far and wide to show up at Cheltenham in their finest outfits and spend a small fortune betting on the outcome of the races.

TikToker Chantelle Marquez didn't have any prior experience with Cheltenham and said she was 'just trying to get on TV all day' but still went into the festival with plenty of enthusiasm.

She put on a few bets during the day, with her first choice of horse to back being Ballybreeze on odds of 150/1 'just 'cause I like the name'.

Regular punters will be unsurprised to hear that this horse didn't win and Chantelle was advised to avoid it, instead placing her first £10 bet on 'the pink one 'cause I like pink'.

Then again, someone in the comments recommended to 'always put an outsider on' as on the off chance that they do actually win the earnings are absolutely massive.

While 'the pink one' (Ha D'or at 50/1 for those wondering) also didn't win, there were other more successful bets during the day.

While she ended the day on about £10 profit her first ever bet at Cheltenham didn't go so well.

Chantelle continued to document her day and at one point she 'put 100 quid on a horse' even though she admitted she knows 'sod all about horse racing'.

While the first bet didn't turn out as planned and at one point it was 'absolutely peeing it down' all's well that ends well.

Chantelle reckoned she was 'about a tenner up' across all the bets she managed to place during the day, though she didn't know how much she'd spent in total at Cheltenham.

One thing people did take the mick out of her for was saying she was going to 'vote' for a horse rather than put a bet on it.

Someone commented that they 'can't stop laughing to this' while another quipped that they were 'not running for parliament'.

Sticking £100 on a horse is quite the gamble.

Despite this another person admitted that when betting they 'call it vote for as well' despite people 'always taking the mick out of me'.

She also managed to fit a customary pint of Guinness into her day and poke fun at some of Cheltenham's regular crowd with the devastating put-down 'smells like hedge funds round here'.

Speaking of smells, Chantelle ended her video on a particularly bad one as she filmed herself stuck in a crowd right after 'someone's trumped'.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chantellemarquez_

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