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Woman admits she breastfeeds her boyfriend

Woman admits she breastfeeds her boyfriend

Lana took supplements to help her breastfeed her boyfriend

A woman has opened up about how she encouraged her boobs to produce milk specifically so she could breastfeed her boyfriend.

Mum Lana, who lives in Spain, stopped producing milk as her child got older but started the practise again a few years later when she met someone else who was hungry for the nutritious liquid.

Hear her talk about her choices below:

As women who've had a baby will know, typically your boobs only produce the liquid after you've become pregnant and for as long as you keep breastfeeding afterwards.

It typically dries up as children get weaned off breastmilk, but Lana decided to start taking milk-inducing supplements after meeting her partner, Shawn, online.

As the pair began chatting, Shawn saw a picture of Lana when she was pregnant and described how she looked 'so beautiful'.

He linked that image to the notion of adult breastfeeding, and after the pair met in person and got together Lana started to try to reproduce her milk supply.

Discussing her decision, she explained: "It's very demanding to get your milk supply back because you have to be ready to commit to pumping or expressing that milk at least four times a day, but the most important thing was to have that motion of suckling, so I asked Shawn to help me with that."

Lana and Shawn began breastfeeding after she'd weaned her children.
Channel 4

Admitting he couldn't 'wait' to get some milk, Shawn tucked into Lana's supply after 10 weeks of her working to produce milk again.

Having previously worked as a teacher, Lana now works to create adult content, and she and Shawn aren't the only ones to connect together through breastfeeding.

Partners Tip and Button, from the US, have also opened up online about breastfeeding as part of their relationship.

Tip described the substance as tasting like 'cold cereal milk', while Button said the action of Tip breastfeeding from her almost made her fall over because he was clutched her so intently.

Together, the pair decided to share their experiences online to help and connect with others in similar relationships.

"We decided to share our adult nursing relationship because it's such a big part of our lives," Button said. "People think it's a sex life kind of thing, but it's not sex lives - it's part of our lives, it's part of our relationship, but the only way to share that with anybody is through a porn site because you can't just post it to Facebook," she continued.

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