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The Chilling Reason You Should Never Read Out Your Phone Number In Public

The Chilling Reason You Should Never Read Out Your Phone Number In Public

Well, this is terrifying.

A woman on TikTok has revealed why you should never read out your phone number in public - and within ear shot of other people.

Posting on her social media, TikToker @allyh0pe, shared a creepy message she'd received from a man who'd overheard her reading out her number. You can watch the clip below:

The message reads: "Hi! I was at the register next to you at Burlington earlier today and I heard you give your number for the receipt. I'm Jack, I was the one in the orange shirt."

This is not okay!

Ally was pretty creeped out, captioning the video: "Not only does Burlington have coats, they also have creeps :)."

And other TikTokers were horrified at the message, with one person explaining she always gets paranoid when reading her number aloud.

"The reason I hate when places ask for my number. I'm paranoid someone would do this, AND THEY DID. Stay safe girl."

Meanwhile another was alarmed at the fact "he saw nothing wrong with this".

Ally received a message from a stranger (

Another added: "I'm not even kidding this is one of my biggest fears as someone who already suffers from paranoia."

While one - referencing You's Joe Goldberg - said: "Uhm I think his name is actually Joe."

Another added: "I work in retail and the amount of people that whisper their phone number is hilarious" to which Ally replied: "As they should!"

One woman received a message from a stranger (

It's always best not to read your personal details (or anything you don't want other people knowing) out loud in front of strangers.

It can be especially tricky if you're making a phone call in public and are needing to provide information - such as email addresses, characters from passwords, home addresses or maiden names - so if possible, always try to be discreet and minimise the personal information you share out loud.

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