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Woman shares terrifying reason you should never wear a claw clip in the car

Woman shares terrifying reason you should never wear a claw clip in the car

She was rushed to hospital and got five staples after the accident

Claw clips, also known as the it-girls of the hair accessory world, are a lovely little addition to any outfit but people are now being warned exactly when they should not be donning the trend.

One woman has shared the terrifying reason why you should never wear a claw clip whilst in the car.

Paisley Nicole, who has since described herself as the 'claw clip girl', took to TikTok to share with her 78.2k followers the cautionary tale.

Paisley Nicole has warned other claw clip wears of the cautionary tale.

In one video chronicling the incident, she explained: "Everyone's been asking for storytime, there's really not much of a story.

"I just posted those videos to spread awareness of girls that drive around with claw clips because I was very lucky that I just needed staples."

So if that's you - you may want to listen up.

It all started when Paisley and her friend were riding in the car when she 'had to go pee' and the friend 'turned really hard'.

"We were going just under 20 miles an hour," she recalled, "and the back of my head hit a metal bar, which lodged the claw clip in the back of my head."

Thankfully, Paisley's boyfriend and cousin were nearby and 'literally ripped the roof off of the side' to get her out.

She was immediately rushed to the emergency room.

"When we got there, they immediately took me back to get a CT and X-rays of my head and chest to make sure I didn't have any brain damage, which I was very lucky I did not," Paisley went on.

She ended up having 'five stapes' in the back of her head.

"They didn't move my hair or nothing," the woman continued. "They literally stapled my hair in the wound."

And the kicker?

Apart from a few splotches of blood here and there - the sturdy claw clip was totally intact and didn't even break.

Since the accident, the woman reported that she 'cannot' brush her hair because 'it hurts too bad'.

She was also put on 'medicine' with Paisley revealing: "It's not really helping much, but it's something.

"I do not remember anything from the accident. Everything that I just said is basically what I've been told about it."

Paisley also told her followers she's had 'many' comments from people about how people they know have also been in car accidents and 'died from having a claw clip in their hair'.

"It caused too much brain damage," the TikToker explains, "and it was permanent."

She concluded: "I just posted those videos to let other girls know that it could be very dangerous to have a hair clip or claw clip or anything like that in the back of their hair because I was very lucky.

"It could have been so much worse. It could have been worse than just five staples."

Well, now you know.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@paisley.rileyyy

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