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Woman sparks debate about when you should take down Christmas decorations

Woman sparks debate about when you should take down Christmas decorations

There were mixed opinions on how long the decorations should stay up

A mum has sparked a debate online after asking internet users when they take down their Christmas decorations.

It's two days after Christmas, and I'm sat writing this article surrounded by a Christmas tree, twinkly lights and glittery baubles.

As much as it might be nice to have my house decorated like this all year round, the decorations will have to come down at some point.

Decorations are often put up in early December.

Personally I tend to take down decorations a couple of days after New Year, when the period of eating leftovers, drinking Baileys and watching Christmas films teeters out and we all get back to 'normal' life.

Other people abide by the '12 days of Christmas' rule and extend the festivities for a few more days, counting 12 days from Christmas and taking their decorations down on 5 January.

One mum who was curious to know about different preferences took to Mumsnet to question users, writing: "When do you take down the Christmas decorations?"

The woman explained that she is 'always itching to do it on Boxing Day', but usually holds out until New Year's Eve.

However, she continued: "I think this year has felt really unChristmassy and I want everything taken down now! I will keep it up for the kids but does anyone else just want it all put away?"

Some people leave lights up into January.
Jon Sparks / Alamy Stock Photo

The Mumsnet user obviously wasn't alone in her desire to get rid of the decorations as one person responded to say they'd 'already seen a few xmas trees by the bins' while out and about.

However, one person was evidently surprised to hear people were planning to tear down lights and trees so early, as they wrote: "Good grief. It's only Boxing Day. Bit too early to have them put away to be honest. But each to their own and all that!"

Other users did manage to last a bit longer, with one expressing plans to take down the decorations on 2 January as the family is 'all back to work on the 3rd'.

Another internet user wrote: "Up first weekend of December, down first weekend of January."

Internet users have been debating over the right time to take down decorations.

Those who follow the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' rule are among those sticking to a tradition which dates back to the 4th century.

The days count to what is know as the 'Epiphany' - the day that the church recognises as when the three wise men came to visit Jesus in Bethlehem after he was brought into the world on Christmas Day.

With Christmas officially behind us, will your decorations be around much longer?

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