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How to use your leftover wrapping paper to your advantage on Boxing Day

How to use your leftover wrapping paper to your advantage on Boxing Day

There are lots of ways to use up the paper after presents have been opened

After weeks of anticipation, the day to rip off wrapping paper and find out what's underneath is finally upon us. But that doesn't mean all of the rubbish has to go in the bin.

Just think about it - you've spent days cutting, wrapping, sticking and labelling presents, only for the paper to be torn off in a matter of seconds. Obviously opening presents is one of the most fun part of Christmas, but it is a bit sad to see all of that work disappear before your eyes.

So why not consider reusing the paper? And I'm not just talking about folding it up nicely for next year - though that is always a good choice.

Wrapping paper often goes to waste after being torn open.

Instead, you can use the paper to your advantage by using it to create new things, and hopefully even entertain any kids you've got running around on Boxing Day.

Admittedly you'd hope that any presents kids received on Christmas would be enough to keep them entertained, but there's no harm in having a backup in case they overindulged on their presents on the day of opening.

Pinterest users have shared their suggestions for leftover wrapping paper, with one suggestion from Kinder Art recommending that different patterns can be cut out and combined to create fun new collages.

"Lightly draw an outline of your image onto the poster paper – remembering to keep it simple. Cut your wrapping paper up into shapes that you can use to create your image," the site explains.

You can get kids involved by having them come up with ideas for shapes or patterns to use for the collage, and simultaneously use up the paper while also getting yourself a nice new piece of artwork for the fridge.

The paper can be used for all sorts of creations.
Art Directors & TRIP / Alamy Stock Photo

Other ways to entertain kids with wrapping paper include using a patterned paper to create a jigsaw puzzle or use it to cut out snowflakes which can be used as decoration.

Another suggestion is to cut up different pieces of wrapping paper into squares, then turn them over and get kids to play a memory game, trying to pair up the matching pieces of paper.

One site, named How We Learn, even offers instructions about how to make jewellery out of leftover wrapping paper - so there's next year's gifts sorted. The 'beads' can be made by cutting wrapping paper into triangles and rolling them around a toothpick, starting with the wider end.

The tip of the triangle can then be glued down to create a circular 'bead', which can be slotted on to a piece of thread to make a necklace or bracelet.

With all of the possibilities, you're all set for one busy and creative Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: Ianni Dimitrov Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo Art Directors & TRIP / Alamy Stock Photo

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