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People are praising woman's 'unusual and wacky' Christmas tree

People are praising woman's 'unusual and wacky' Christmas tree

The Christmas tree has divided the internet.

It's a well known fact that the internet barely agrees on anything. Whether it’s the colour of a dress or the best Christmas movie of all time, people are always going to defend their opinions until their last breath.

One unsuspecting woman managed to divide Facebook after sharing a picture of her ‘unusual’ Christmas tree and judging by the reactions, divided is an understatement.

The woman shared a picture of her giant tree in the Magical Holidays of Christmas Facebook group.

“She’s up – my greatest creation!” Amy wrote in the caption.

“Had to muster the energy this year with working nights at the NHS… I couldn’t be bothered!

“Couldn’t be happier now it’s done tho [sic].

“I love Christmas.”

Amy’s Christmas tree is decorated from top to bottom with glittery foliage, candy canes and elf figurines.

Amy shared a picture of her Christmas tree.

But it seems the festive spirit has totally went over the heads of some social media users.

“I do appreciate and respect others thoughts on what a pretty tree is…. My personal opinion is that’s one of the ugliest trees I have ever seen,” one member of the Facebook group claimed.

Insert 'shock' here!

Another commenter left a slightly kinder message: “I agree it doesn’t even look like a Christmas tree!! Everyone to their own taste tho [sic] hey no need for bad nasty comments but it’s just not my cup of tea.”

While a third Christmas tree critic said: “Doesn't even look like a tree, just looks like a bunch of stuff piled in the corner but God forbid I speak the truth.”

Facebook users are sharing pictures of their Christmas trees.

One woman said that while the Christmas tree wasn’t to her own taste, she appreciates all the effort Amy put into it. “It's not my style but the effort and attention to detail you have created is marvellous it totally goes with your theme you are very talented,” she reasoned. “I just said it's not my style because I'm very traditional although I absolutely love seeing other people's creations the work and effort put into this!”

After seeing Amy’s tree and reading the harsh comments about her tree, other Christmas tree fanatics came to her defence.

People came to Amy's defence.

One person shared: "It's unusual and it's wacky.... enjoy life enjoy what you like…”

While someone else praised the ‘madness of it!!!”

Another added: “Your tree I think is beautiful beauty is in the eye of the beholder and although many don't see the beauty in it you're not the beholder is probably why....... well done for your hard work.”

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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