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Couple are being trolled for sucking fun out of Christmas with pop-up tree

Couple are being trolled for sucking fun out of Christmas with pop-up tree

"Nooo this takes the fun out of Christmas"

Part of the fun of Christmas is getting all the decs out of storage and putting up the tree.

But it's certainly not a simple task, and often involves hours of sorting baubles, fairy lights and other ornaments to make sure it's perfectly decorated and colour co-ordinated from head-to-toe.

However, one couple on TikTok has been criticised for 'taking the fun out of Christmas' after sharing their pop-up tree which basically decorates itself.

You can watch a video below:

In the clip, a woman can be seen setting the tree up, which shimmies down a stand fully decorated and ready to go, before stopping a few inches from the floor.

It lights up thanks to already placed fairy lights which connect to the nearby power socket.

At the end of the video, the tree looks like any other, filled with sparkly baubles, lights and fake snow, with TikToker, @bazza1602, describing the creation as a 'gamechanger'.

Despite the ease, many were horrified at the idea, with one accusing the couple of 'ruining Christmas'.

The TikToker called it a 'game changer'.

One person commented: "That's a big no in my house decorating the tree is part of Christmas."

While another said: "Christmas spirit gone down the drain."

And a third added: "Nooo this takes the fun out of Christmas."

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Don’t tell me I’m the only one who enjoys decorating a Christmas tree."

"It's not Christmas if my husband and I don't fight while decorating. This would take all the fun out of it," joked a fifth.

Others disagreed however, with one person explaining that they hate decorating for the festive season.

"I want. I hate Christmas and decorating for it. This would get it out of the way quickly," they wrote.

And another added: "Have one last 3 years best thing ever can't do normal tree over mobility issues so glad I can still have tree."

While it's not clear where the tree is from, it looks to be a style from The Range, priced at £119.99.

The tree looks to be a style from The Range, priced at £119.99.
The Range

The 6ft pop-up tree features a snowy finish and silver baubles, with the website explaining: "For those who want their lavish Christmas decor without all the fuss of setting up, the 6ft Deluxe Pre-Lit Pop Up Tree is the perfect choice for your centrepiece.

"As a pop-up tree, its super easy to simply fold out, and it even comes with fairy lights already all over it, so you don't even need to bother with LED strings. For extra festive cheer, this tree features a snowy flocked finish as well as silver baubles.

Would you buy it?

Featured Image Credit: bazza1602/TikTok

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