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Traveller has 'unethical hack' to stop plane passengers reclining seat in front

Traveller has 'unethical hack' to stop plane passengers reclining seat in front

The controversial negotiation method has divided social media users

A regular jet setter has revealed her genius hack to stop ‘inconsiderate’ aeroplane passengers from spoiling her time aboard.

An unnamed woman has dialled an Australian radio station, Nova, to share her ‘unethical life hack’ which regularly stops fellow plane passengers from reclining their seats all the way back.

She spoke to ‘Fitzy & Wippa’ show hosts Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli and Kate Ritchie about her unique plane hack.

“When you’re flying economy, and the person in front of you is very inconsiderate and reclines their chair all the way back…

"You know the air-con vents in the top?

“[Well] you can swivel them around. I swivel it right on their face and turn it up full blast.”

Of course, if you’re the plane passenger who is reclining their chair then there are really only two courses of action that you can take.

Either you take the chilly air-con blast and remain reclined, or you scoot straight back up into an upright position.

A regular jet setter has revealed her genius hack to stop ‘inconsiderate’ aeroplane passengers.
Justin Kase zsixz / Alamy Stock Photo

However, neither of these directly cause an argument, which is why the anonymous woman is being branded a ‘genius’.

After revealing her method of negotiation, Fitzgerald said: “That’s a belter and they can’t complain.”

Co-host Wipfli agreed and commended the radio caller for ‘outdoing herself’ in executing this controversial comfort hack.

Since the original conversation, a clip taken from the radio show has gone viral on TikTok, but users are divided on whether this strange method of conversation is necessary.

One TikTok user commented: “How is reclining one’s seat inconsiderate? When you pay for the seat, you pay for all the features?”

Another agreed and wrote: “I don’t get it. When did we, the commoners in steerage, decide our fellow travellers cannot recline their seat? RECLINE AWAY, DARLINGS. FIND COMFORT."

People have been left divided by the 'unethical hack'.
Slick Stock Images / Alamy Stock Photo

A third said: “So the person in front of you should be uncomfortable for you? Oh sorry I didn’t realise you are the Queen”

On the flip side, a TikTok user actually sympathised with the unnamed woman and decided to share their experiences with reclining seats, too.

They wrote: “I had the most rude people in front of my partner and me on an international flight where it was dinner time and the guy in front was asked to move his chair forward so my partner could eat.

“To which his response was ‘Nah I don’t give an F, the guy behind me can eat off his knees for all I care'."

Another TikToker shared their horror story and wrote: “They should remove the recline feature on planes. I once had a guy in my space for 14 hours.”

Featured Image Credit: Justin Kase zsixz / Alamy Stock Photo/Slick Stock Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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