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Woman left furious after husband books himself business class seat but leaves her and toddler in economy

Woman left furious after husband books himself business class seat but leaves her and toddler in economy

A woman has been left furious by her husband, who has booked himself in business class while she and her toddler are left in economy.

A woman has been left absolutely furious after her husband booked himself a business class plane ticket, with herself and their little toddler were left to settle in economy seats.

The anonymous mother took to parenting site Mumsnet to explain how her husband had his business class ticket paid for by work for the 14-hour flight.

The mum insisted that if she and the little one was to tag along on the journey, then she wanted to be sat in premium economy.

The dad ended up agreeing to this request, according to the mum, so bought them tickets for the flight.

But just six weeks before the flight, the woman realised that her husband lied about buying the economy premium and had just purchased a standard economy ticket instead.

Even worse for the angry woman is that the seats could not be changed, so she was left in economy with her two-year-old.

Speaking on Mumsnet, the woman said: "Flying long haul on Friday - 14 hour flight. DH [husband] going for a weeks work and wanted me & DS (2) to go and tag on a holiday.

"I only agreed to go if DS & I flew premium economy as its a long way, I'll be on my own with toddler whilst DH is in business class (work paid for his ticket). DH said fine no problem, had lots of points to use.

"Booked the flights. Told me had booked premium. Six weeks later I discover he'd lied and basically booked the cheapest economy tickets available (no seat reservation option/upgrade option)."

The woman has tickets with her toddler in economy, while her husband has business class tickets through his work.
_David Gee / Alamy Stock Photo

The woman said she decided to ring the airline to see if she can upgrade to premium economy, but it was fully booked up one way, and the other way set you back a staggering £2,000.

She continued: "I didn't think much of it, just that at check in I would be able to choose seats - at no point has there been an option to select seats/pay to select seats except at time of booking.

"Anyway I've tried to check in three days before and I can only check in at airport. DS and I have been allocated seats middle and aisle.

"We are next to each other which is great but not ideal, I would have wanted window/middle or two seats from the middle bank of plane (got an inflatable foot rest with the hope DS can sleep as it's a night flight but now can't use as we are stuck with middle and aisle seats)."

In the lengthy post, the woman also expressed her anger at her husband, with her having a few strong words to say about him.

She added: "I've gone nuts at my DH because I think he's a selfish p***k that was too tight to book a seat reservation when making the booking.

The husband booked his wife and child the cheapest possible seats.
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"Meanwhile he laps it up in business class. I've rung the airline but they said the seats can't be changed."

"AIBU [am I being unreasonable] to be annoyed with DH? AIBU to drag him out of business class so he can do his share of parenting?"

Many fellow users of the parenting site rushed to the comment section of the post with most on the woman's side.

One person said: "I'd be furious. What a crappy way to treat your wife and child."

A second added: "What is his excuse for lying straight to your face? I wouldn't be going at all in these circumstances."

And a third remarked: "You agreed to go subject to a condition. That condition was not met. Don't go."

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