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Woman faces backlash after saying she enjoys coffee with husband each morning

Woman faces backlash after saying she enjoys coffee with husband each morning

The woman was accused of being 'smug' and promoting an 'unobtainable' lifestyle

A woman was met with a pretty harsh backlash after tweeting to say that she and her husband like to ‘spend hours’ talking in their garden every morning.

I imagine you’re wondering how the fairly innocuous statement managed to cause such a fuss online, right?

Well, on Friday, 24-year-old Daisey Beaton took to Twitter to share how she and her husband Matt like to spend ‘every morning’.

“My husband and I wake up every morning and bring our coffee out to our garden and sit and talk for hours,” she wrote. “Every morning. It never gets old and we never run out of things to talk. Love him so much.”


Seems pretty sweet, right? And I’ll admit to being a little bit envious of their morning routine - mine is a lot more, shall we say, frantic.

However, some people appeared to really take issue with the post and branded Daisey ‘smug’ and accused her of making people ‘feel terrible’. Ouch.

Replying to the post one person said: “What was the purpose of this post except to make me feel terrible about myself?”

Another wrote: “I wake up at 6am, shower and go to work for a shift that is a minimum of 10 hours long. This is an unattainable goal for most people.”


While someone else commented: “What is the purpose of this communication? I'm happy for you but it’s just smug, self satisfied bragging if it’s true. Your partner is most likely embarrassed by the tweet, or at least should be. That is unless you are flogging something.”

In a follow-up, Daisey responded to someone who asked if she and Matt worked, replying: “We do! I own a business and he teaches yoga & is a professional skateboarder so we work when we want, which is always later in the day :) mornings are sacred around our house.” She also explained that they are ‘not rich by any means’ but that they’ve worked hard and live ‘very minimally’ while working jobs that match their lifestyles.

Daisey and husband Matt.

After numerous negative tweets popped up, others stepped in to defend Daisey, with one explaining: “No, you are not justified for attacking that woman for enjoying time drinking coffee in the garden with her husband.”

Others said those griping were ‘miserable’ and making it about themselves.

Daisey has since addressed the bizarre backlash in an interview with Rolling Stone saying it’s been a ‘wild ride’.

She said: “At first getting all of the negative comments and quote tweets, yet in the end seeing the kindness and positivity prevail and drown out all of the negativity is so sweet!”

While addressing her critics directly, she added: “Hate and negativity only attracts that back onto to you.”

Featured Image Credit: @lilplantmami / Twitter

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