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Woman shares five strict rules for boyfriend leaving people divided

Woman shares five strict rules for boyfriend leaving people divided

She was quick to call out 'red flags'

When it comes to relationships, we like to think we have it all figured out.

But facts are we don’t - and we’re far from it.

The internet reminds us of this lovely fact every day - with videos going viral on how to spot ‘cheater energy’, or an increase in going ‘boy sober’.

With people everywhere yearning for the perfect relationship - it was only a matter of time before people started giving their partners rules, wasn’t it?

And TikToker Taylor Donoghue has driven the platform into two camps with her recent video, which she aptly captioned ‘hot take but just my opinion.’

The video states ‘5 things I would NEVER allow my boyfriend to do.’

Here they are…

Taylor laid out her rules.

Having a girl best-friend is a no-go

Taylor explains that she 'doesn't believe' in them and thinks those relationships 'get messy'.

Having women friends and acquaintances is fine, but a best friend? 'Absolutely not.'

Sharing location with each other is a must

Taylor says: "I will never allow my boyfriend to not let me know where he's at location wise.

"I feel like you get to a point when you've been dating each other for so long ... it's more of a safety thing.

"I feel like it's kind of shady when you're dating someone and they don't want you to know where they're at."

Going to strip clubs is not allowed

"I feel like this is a controversial one." she says.

"You can go to bars.. but strip clubs, absolutely not."

Bills should be split

Taylor explains in her video that it's wrong for men to pay for '100 percent of everything'.

She clarifies she's talking about dating rather than marriage, adding: "Especially early on, the guy should take on majority of the bills but I’d be lying if I said, like, I didn’t pay for a dime.”

Keep Instagram likes clean

"I feel like that's a huge red flag for obvious reasons," she begins.

"It always makes me sad when you see someone who's married with kids or in a relationship, liking girl's photos especially provocative ones.

"It's not a good look."

The video has since amassed over 786,000 views - so naturally, people have fled to the comments to share their own opinions.

One user wrote: “HEAVY on the strip club one!!!!”

Another said: “Setting boundaries like this instead of trusting your partner is wild.”

A third weighed in: “It sounds like a mom. If a man truly respects you, you don’t need to not “allow” things.

"He’s your boyfriend not your child.”

Another person said: “If a guy posted a similar video about things he would not allow his gf to do he would be labelled controlling.”

On that note - it turns out Taylor’s boyfriend Jon actually has posted his own list of rules, as explained in a follow up video.

His rules include no flirting with guys at a bar, not liking other guys’ Instagram photos, sending updates when she’s out without him, and not getting lip filler.

The moral of the story seems to be having boundaries is totally fine as long as your other half is happy with them.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@taylordonoghuee

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