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TikToker trapped in Dubai and faces two years in jail after 'screaming' at rental car employee

TikToker trapped in Dubai and faces two years in jail after 'screaming' at rental car employee

TikToker Tierra Allen is facing a potential prison sentence after being accused of 'screaming' at the manager of a car rental service.

TikToker Tierra Allen is facing a potential prison sentence after being accused of 'screaming' at the manager of a car rental service.

Earlier this year, the 29-year-old influencer - known as 'Sassy Trucker' on TikTok - travelled to the United Arab Emirates city 'in search of new adventures and new money'.

However, after her friend's rental car was involved in an accident - with Allen being in the passenger seat at the time - the 29-year-old became involved in a disagreement with the manager of the rental car company which has since escalated to a terrifying degree.

Allen and her friend, from the US, came out of the accident uninjured, but the car, along with all of their possessions - credit cards, debit cards and phones - are reported as being impounded.

TikToker Tierra Allen is stuck in Dubai after having her passport confiscated.

Allen explained to non-profit organisation UAE civil and criminal justice specialists Detained Dubai that when they went to pick up their belongings the next day, the manager of the rental car company allegedly demanded money for the items and came out of the office being 'rude and mean' to her.

She said: "I felt so scared. He followed me outside the office and I felt very intimidated.

"I told him to stop but instead, he called the police and opened a case against me, apparently for 'screaming'."

Allen was left 'in shock' by how 'frightening' the manager was and her situation has only become worse - her passport has been allegedly confiscated by authorities, leaving her stranded.

"I told them I had a medical emergency and needed to return to the US but they wouldn’t let me," she said.

Allen has been accused of 'screaming' at the manager of the car rental branch in public.

"I’ve now found out that the police could keep me here for months while they decide whether to prosecute me and if they do, I could go to prison!"

Indeed, the 29-year-old's attorney has reportedly warned her if she's convicted she could face 'high legal fees' or even time in jail.

Offensive behaviour such as shouting in public punishable in the UAE by up to two years in prison - as well as a fine and deportation.

"In that country, a female is not even allowed to raise her voice. If she raises her voice it’s punishable by jail time," Community Activist Quanell X tells Fox 26 Houston.

It's reported there's CCTV footage of Allen raising her voice at the car rental branch's manager.

Detained Dubai is now involved in Allen's case and it believes it's part of a much wider issue.

If convicted, Allen could face up to two years in prison.

CEO of Detained in Dubai, Radha Stirling, said as per a release by the non-profit, it's 'extremely common' for rental car companies to 'open cases against customers as a means to extort them'.

She continues: "The hope is that whomever they perceive to be a ‘wealthy foreigner’ will offer them cash in order to drop the case.

"Only a few weeks ago, another young American unfortunately paid one of the rental car agencies so they would drop the case. The amount was approaching $20,000 (£15,500).

"Holidaymakers will pay extortionate amounts just to get home to their families and jobs even when they know they are being taken advantage of. Rental car agencies cash in on the insurance money and extort victims on top. It’s business for them.

Allen's mum sought help from Detained in Dubai.
YouTube/The Sassy Trucker

"Tierra’s mother, Tina, contacted us, distraught that her daughter faced prison in a Middle Eastern country, notorious for human rights abuses and is calling on local congressional representatives and senators to help Tierra before it’s too late."

A spokesperson for Senator Ted Cruz's office said, as per Fox 26: "We have spoken to the family of Tierra Young Allen and have contacted the Department of State about the case.

"Sen. Cruz will continue to gather details and engage on this case until Ms. Allen is returned home to her family."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sassy.trucker

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