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Mum urged to call police after seven-year-old daughter comes home with tattoo

Mum urged to call police after seven-year-old daughter comes home with tattoo

The mum shared her story on TikTok after her daughter's aunt allegedly tattooed her at the age of just seven

A woman has been urged to contact the police after her seven-year-old daughter came home from a playdate with family with a tattoo on her arm.

The woman, who goes by the TikTok name Newskii, was clearly shocked and disgusted by what she discovered on her young child’s leg, and that turned to anger after she realised that the tattoo had been put on her daughter by a family member.

Explaining her predicament on the social media platform, Newskii explained how her seven-year-old daughter, Jayde, had gone off to spend a bit of time with her dad’s side of the family, but came back with much more than she had bargained for.

Whilst Jayde was staying over with her aunt, she had called up her mum to ask her if she could get a tattoo.

Obviously, she was told that she could not, and there the conversation ended.

Or so she thought, anyway.

Obviously, the mum was livid about the tattoo.

In truth, when Jayde arrived home afterwards, she had a slapdash heart tattooed on her leg.

The mother has released a series of videos, one of which she captioned: "Who in their right mind tattoos a seven-year-old? Beware of who you let your kids go around!"

In another caption, she explained: "I just found out my baby daddy's sister tattooed my child!

“She is 28, she is seven."

Obviously, this bizarre tale has received quite a bit of attention, with many people using the comments section to offer their own takes on what should be done about it.

"Call child services and the police," one person suggested.

Another wrote: "Press charges!"

Others pointed out that she should get the tattoo looked at so as to be sure it isn’t going to become infected, whereas others reassured her that it will ‘fade as she gets older’.

Let’s hope so, eh?

In a subsequent video, Newskii asked her daughter: "Whose idea was it for you to get a tattoo?”

Her daughter responded: “Auntie’s.”

The mum pressed: "Did she just offer? What did she say?”

Jayde responded: "She asked what mum said and I said that mom said no.”

Here's what she found on her daughter's leg.

Jayde maintains that despite telling her aunt that her mum had forbidden it, she'd apparently persisted with the tattoo.

After tattooing her, she also allegedly put ink on two of her own children with the same needle, not even using a stencil.

Even worse, Newskii apparently hadn’t even given permission for her daughter to go to her aunt’s house.

She had been told to go to her grandmother’s house before she was then dropped off at the aunt’s place.

The grandmother has allegedly claimed that the tattoo wasn’t real, although Newskii maintains that it definitely is.

"I'm in another state so there's not much I can do. I've called CPS, I've gone to the doctor, I've called the police. I'm also pregnant, so there's not much I can do," the mum said.

"When I called the police, they said they couldn't locate her because she's unhoused and they can't find her address."

Jayde’s father – according to her mother – is in jail, so hasn’t given any response to the situation just yet.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@newskii_soexotic24

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