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The Apprentice star divides opinion after calling solo diners 'pathetic'

The Apprentice star divides opinion after calling solo diners 'pathetic'

Ryan Mark Parsons clearly isn't a fan of dining out alone!

A former The Apprentice star has really ruffled some feathers after calling people who dine out alone 'pathetic' on national TV.

Little bit harsh, right?

Well, Ryan Mark Parsons clearly doesn't think so as he well and truly went in on those who choose to eat out alone during a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain. Have a listen:

Parsons - the youngest ever candidate to appear on The BBC's The Apprentice - went head-to-head with Kiss FM presenter Alex Mansuroglu on the breakfast show, with Mansuroglu expressing how it is 'freeing' to enjoy a meal out alone.

But Parsons - who is known for enjoying the finer things in life - was having none of it, saying: "I think people that do it are pathetic.

"I think Alex is one of those losers that goes to restaurants alone, and it's weird."

He continued: "I go to restaurants and see solo diners and I'm just uncomfortable. I question the motives, I think it's really really bizarre."

Ryan Mark Parsons clearly isn't a fan of dining out alone.
TikTok/Good Morning Britain

But Mansuroglu argued: "I lead a very busy life, I have two kids at home. If I can have a 30-minute Nando's to myself before I get home and then pick up a little takeaway for my kids and fiancé, that's great, it's freeing.

"People sometimes think I might have been stood up, I might get a free dessert in this, I might get 10 percent off the bill, I think it's amazing and great."

Well, since the interaction was shared on social media, people have had some strong opinions on the matter.

Taking to TikTok, many were stumped by Parsons' outlook on doing things alone, with one saying: "I’m not insecure like this guy. I love meals/time alone."

Would you be happy to dine out alone?
Getty Images/Stock Photo

And another added: "We're not bizarre - we a secure, confident independent individuals - people that can not spend time alone really have an issue."

While someone else pointed out how many simply enjoy their own company: "I love travelling and dining out alone. I think it’s actually admirable and shows the person is confident and comfortable in their own company."

Many even labeled solo diners as 'impressive' as some admitted they'd at first feel self-conscious eating out in a restaurant alone.

Do you enjoy eating out alone? Or do you prefer being in the company of others when doing things outside of home?

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Oscar Wong/Getty Images

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