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Woman horrified after receiving 'creepy' texts from builder after he left halfway through job

Woman horrified after receiving 'creepy' texts from builder after he left halfway through job

The woman shared the messages on social media where people were equally as horrified

A woman was left horrified after receiving sexually explicit messages from a plasterer who ‘just disappeared’ part way through doing her kitchen.

The woman said she hired the plasterer after reaching out to pals for recommendations but on the third day of him being at her home he vanished without letting her know where he had gone or when he would return.

Puzzled by his sudden departure, the woman - named Amy - decided to fire him a text asking if everything was OK and when he’d be back to finish the job, but was disgusted after he sent detailed depictions of sexual acts he wanted to do with her before adding that the reason he wasn’t coming back was because he wanted to do ‘naughty things’ to her.

Sharing screenshots of the exchange on Facebook back in 2020, Amy wrote: "So I hired a plasterer through recommendations. The third day in, after three hours, he just disappeared, no text, no ‘I'm off’, nothing.

“I messaged him this morning to end up with this reply. I was in that much shock I didn't respond. Any suggestions ladies?"

The plasterer disappeared before sending Amy the creepy messages.

She then added: “Silver lining I got half my kitchen done."

In a follow up, Amy explained that she had only interacted with the man a 'few times' to make him a brew while wearing her 'fluffy pjs'.

She also revealed that the plasterer in question was ‘old enough to be [her] dad’.

The messages showed Amy politely asking: “Morning, just wondering if everything is OK as I’ve not heard from you? Do you know when you will be coming back? Thanks, Amy.”

In response the unnamed plasterer wrote: “No I’m not coming back. If I do, I’m going to want to take you to bed.” He then went into detail about what sex act he wanted to perform before ‘making love’.

The woman was horrified by the creepy messages.

He then added: "So that's why I'm not coming back because, I want to do naughty things to you. Now if ya up for that then, I'll come back up. Don't worry about the money, not bothered about that."

The disgusting messages left fellow Facebook users equally as creeped out with one person writing: “How creepy. Does he have problems controlling his urges? He shouldn't be working with the public.”

Another commented: “Wtf bit of a creep needs reporting.”

While a third sarcastically said: “Wow he sounds proper professional and dedicated to his line of work.”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Pexels

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