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Everything psychic who ‘accurately prophesied Covid’ has predicted for 2024

Everything psychic who ‘accurately prophesied Covid’ has predicted for 2024

Hollywood medium Nicolas Aujula has a reputation of making correct predictions

For many people, the notion of what the future holds can be quite an unnerving prospect - something we often can't bare thinking about.

After all, the present is often stressful enough - and at the end of the day, what the world has in-store for us is totally out of our control, so why bother looking too far ahead? Am I right?

Anyway, for a handful of believers, prophesies about the future of our world made by alleged psychics are a huge source of fascination.

Naturally, therefore, the predictions made by one particular mystic - who correctly prophesied the entire Coronavirus pandemic - have been of colossal interest, especially after he gave his predictions for what the rest of 2024 looks like for us.

Nicolas is one of the world's most famous psychics.

Hollywood astrologer Nicolas Aujula, 37 - who has regular visions and dreams with images of the future - has weighed in on what he thinks the rest of this year will bring from celebrity drama to political scandals and just about everything in between.

One of most notable predictions he made prior to the New Year, was that 2024 would be a tumultuous year for the Royal Family.

Nicolas began by forecasting 'heartache' for Meghan Markle - 'not with Prince Harry', as per PA Real Life, 'but with someone else close to her'.

"I do feel with the Royal Family that there's going to be a royal voice recording leak," he went on.

It may not have been a voice recording, but could his predication have regarded the recent Photoshop scandal involving the Princess of Wales, which transpired just days prior to the cancer diagnosis revelation? Hmm.

The psychic predicted a 2024 royal scandal.
Kirsty O'Connor - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Anyway, speaking of highly-influential figures, Nicolas also predicted a pretty big change in career for one highly controversial political figure.

"I see rising power for Donald Trump. I feel like he might even have a new career and it'll be in something major, or he could become the next president," Nicolas explained.

"I do think that his personal life is not going to be the greatest."

The psychic also expects a notable rise in far-right beliefs later this year, claiming: "I think extreme, far-right politics will make a dark comeback and people will begin to lose their humanity.

"I feel there is going to be a part of society where there will be a rise in far-right leaders. This is going to become a much bigger trend, not only in 2024, but as we go into the coming few years, that's something really to look out for."

So, not great news, really.

The medium predicted a change of career for one particular politician.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Nicolas also bore bad news regarding the cost of living crisis too, predicting further economic decline this year which, admittedly, isn't the boldest prediction we've ever heard.

"I think oil prices will be rising more and the dollar will continue to weaken more as time goes on, inflicting an even higher cost of living," he added.

"I also think sadly, there will be either food shortages or crop failures."

Moving away from the heavier predictions of what's allegedly to come next year, Nicolas has predicted many female celebs will be in for a treat in 2024, saying: "I feel for Cheryl Tweedy it's going to be a really good year, we're going to see her really expand and really kind of put herself out there."

He added: "I think Victoria Beckham will be focusing on her health and wellbeing and she will go on to be even more successful.

Nicolas predicted Kim Kardashian could write a book.
Pierre Suu/Getty Images

"I think Kim Kardashian will do something with literature - I think she might write a book, or be the face of a workshop, and people will see her as less of an air-headed celebrity and more of a woman with intelligence."

Nicolas also forecasted some major technological progress - namely around Artificial Intelligence.

He went on: "I've had very futuristic visions, specifically about robots stacking shelves. I think it'll be trialled in supermarkets and they'll be working 24/7 and replace some jobs which will be hard amid the cost-of-living crisis.

The astrologist added: "Within the banking system, there'll be a cyber attack or information leaks, all of a sudden, like there's going to be people whose banking details are going to be leaked publicly.

"And I feel like banks are going to be held accountable or will be sued."

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