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Bride attacked with red paint during wedding ceremony by several men her mother-in-law 'hired'

Bride attacked with red paint during wedding ceremony by several men her mother-in-law 'hired'

The Mexican bride suspected her hellish mother-in-law was behind the brutal attack

The relationship that a bride/groom has with their in-laws-to-be can literally make or break a wedding day.

If your other-half is lucky enough to have loving parents - who respect their choice in partner - then you've won the jackpot.

Unfortunately for one newlywed, she fell in love with a man whose family would never accept her lower social and financial status, and who made it their aim to disrupt their nuptials at every given chance.

Her boyfriend was born into an excessively wealthy family in the Ciudad Obregon region of Mexico, who reportedly always hoped he'd marry someone of a similar position.

But, much like a fairytale romance, he fell head over heels for the bride the moment he met her - paying no mind to the fact that she wasn't from a rich family herself.

According to a Reddit post penned by a mutual acquaintance of the bride, her future mother and father-in-law were dissatisfied with their union, suspecting she was only interested in their son for his dosh.

With this in mind, they allegedly began their harassment plot against her.

First of all, they rejected their son's plans to propose to her, before attempting to bride her away from him with a blank cheque.

Her boyfriend went against his family's wishes.
Getty/Tim Robberts

But knowing the extent of her love for her partner, she naturally turned down their financial offer, shutting down speculation that she's a 'gold-digger'.

Little did she know that things were about to go from bad to worse.

After announcing their engagement, the mother-in-law reportedly feigned a massive heart attack, later blaming her ill health on the couple and demanding they pay 'all of her medical costs'.

But WAIT! That isn't even the worst of it.

Having set their wedding date for 18 February - and with her partner's parents having declined their invitation to see the duo tie the knot - the bride-to-be didn't believe anything else would stand in their way.

Her future in-laws were NOT amused by their marriage plans.

By the looks of things, however, the fact they hadn't rocked up to the church hadn't impacted their ability to inflict sabotage.

Holding her father's hand as she stood outside the church, dressed all in white and preparing to walk down the aisle, she suddenly felt a cold, wet sensation splashing across and then subsequently dripping down her back.

Turning around to see what had been thrown - first believing it to have been water - she was horrified to see bright red splashes of thick paint all over her gown.

According to the Reddit post detailing the incident, her husband-to-be's family have been accused of 'hiring someone' to launch the paint at the bride 'right before walking down the aisle'.

Photos taken at the scene see two men throwing the cans of the paint, with another having filmed the attack

The bride was attacked with red paint on her big day.

The social media post read: "At first, guests thought the red paint might be blood, [The] bride said she initially felt as if it was water, but then saw everyone's shocked faces and her friends were trying to reassure her that she still looked beautiful.

"She says the worst part of it was looking at her mother's face because initially, she thought she had been physically hurt."

If this story so far has left you broken-hearted and in floods of tears, however, don't fret. I promise, it has a happy ending.

Though it wasn't confirmed that her future in-laws had orchestrated the attack, she was undeterred.

Returning home, she ditched her paint-stained dress and changed into a gorgeous golden gown before rushing back to the church to say her 'I dos'.

She and her husband eventually exchanged vows, and even remained unfazed when his parents allegedly 'sent an anonymous tip to the police saying that they could find drugs' at their reception.

The happy couple were able to enjoy their special day despite the disruption.

They were able to overlook the fact they reportedly hid his passport and visa - and tried to 'bribe the travel agency to ruin the trip' - before heading off on the honeymoon of their dreams.

And to place a cherry on top of this sweet story of revenge, once the local community learned of the groom's family's actions - which they later denied - they egged his parent's home.

Ahh, vengeance.

Anyway, let's raise a toast to the bride and groom. You're better off without them!

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