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Bride slammed after charging guests £2,000 to attend her wedding

Bride slammed after charging guests £2,000 to attend her wedding

An anonymous guest took to Mumsnet to air their qualms

A maid of honour was in two minds on whether she should attend a wedding after the bride-to-be expected her to fork out £2,000 to be present at her nuptials.

An anonymous Mumsnet user took to the platform earlier this summer and stated that she had been invited to a destination wedding in Spain.

She claimed to have been invited to stay at a villa alongside the bride’s family and friends. It was also stipulated that as well as serving as the accommodation, the couple's vows would be said at the venue and that the cost would be ‘divided between 14 rooms’.

The maid of honour took to Mumsnet for advice.

However, things got ugly when the bride reportedly asked: “Everyone to pay for the whole week even if they can't stay for the full time.”

The maid of honour stated: “The thought of spending a week socialising in a villa feels overwhelming, particularly when I don't know anyone and everyone else is in a couple, so I was going to stay only four nights.”

While having no desire to forfeit her place at the wedding, the woman came up with a plan to make sure she didn’t have to pay the full €1,000 (£866) for the accommodation - she asked to share a room with another guest.

However, the Mumsnet user said that the situation went from bad to worse when she broached the fact she didn’t want to pay £2,000 - which included accommodation, travel fees, and spending money - to attend the bride’s big day.

“She started crying and said she was upset because I have never been enthusiastic about her wedding plans (which is true, when she first asked for my villa deposit, I had asked a few times about other accommodation options),” she explained.

The guest said it would have cost her a total of £2,000 to attend the destination wedding.

After complaining, the to-be-wed woman reportedly refused to talk to her friend and the pair later ended up embroiled in a ‘heated discussion’.

The wedding guest was allegedly told: “It's clear the time/cost/venue etc. is asking too much of you and if it had been the other way round, it wouldn't have even crossed her mind to think about these things.”

Despite the woman seeing the deposit she put down on the Spanish villa returned, she was apparently in two minds about attending the wedding.

She wrote: “She has always been quite selfish but I'm really upset by her lack of understanding as to why I don't want to spend a week with strangers and that I really did want to speak about the wedding. But at the same time, I know weddings are stressful and maybe she was trying to be sensitive.

“Truth be told I'd rather go to a school friend's wedding on the same weekend who I feel like is a much better friend.”

The woman asked fellow Mumsnet users for advice on her situation and if it would be possible to cancel without ending the friendship.

One wrote: "The friendship is already over I'm afraid. I wouldn't go. I'm sorry."

Another added: "It sounds like the friendship is going to survive much longer anyway."

While a third said: "You shouldn't have to fund someone else's wedding."

Where do you stand?

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