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Student who dropped out of university without telling her parents now earns $10k a day

Student who dropped out of university without telling her parents now earns $10k a day

We're feeling very inspired right now

Admit it, we’ve all daydreamed and thought about what would happen if we just did a complete U-turn on every important decision we’ve ever made in our lives.

While that’s nothing more than a pipe dream for most, there are people who have bitten the bullet.

And in case that wasn’t impressive enough - some people actually make a huge success of it!

One of the most iconic examples of this that we’ve seen is that of Chloe Zhu, from Sydney, Australia.

Chloe dropped out of university during lockdown and has since been reported to be making $10,000 AUD a day from her business.

Total goals.

In 2021, Chloe was studying for her bachelor's degree in finance/computer science.

But the then-19-year-old quickly realised that it wasn't really for her, and she didn't see where she would go with it. So she decided to drop out.

Chloe Zhu dropped out of uni without telling her parents.

“I couldn’t help but feel extremely lost with the direction I was going down in my career with my uni degree,” she told 7Life in June last year.

“After changing my degree twice and still feeling like I wasn’t in the right place, I knew that university wasn’t quite right for me so I dropped out.

“I didn’t tell my family about dropping out of university for about eight months."

And when she finally did, Chloe said that they weren't exactly over the moon.

“They definitely weren’t happy at first and were trying to convince me out of the decision, even suggesting I take a break on my business to finish my studies first," Chloe recalled.

“But I knew that I would be able to make them proud and stay true to myself in my own way, and they eventually came around.”

It's safe to say that the gamble has well and truly paid off, no doubt much to the delight of her mum and dad.

Having always dreamed of setting up her own beauty range, Chloe finally took the plunge in December 2021.

After seeing countless salons forced to close across the country as a result of the pandemic, Chloe came up with her own press-on nail brand, called Glowie.

Off the back of a viral video, the business proved to be a huge success, and today, Chloe has been raking it in.

Though it's not always been easy.

“I felt very lonely starting my business, and often couldn’t go out with friends because I was so busy with the business," Chloe said.

“I’ve also struggled with burnout."

Chloe came up with her own press-on nail brand, called Glowie.

She explained that last year, there came a point where 'it felt like I didn’t want to wake up in the morning because I was so exhausted from working months on end without any break'.

But she's glad she took the leap to follow her dreams and build something of her own.

Chloe added: “My life looks completely different and I’m still in shock at how you can change your career path in such a short amount of time.

“Now I’m in a job that uses so many different skills that are analytical, creative, and technical all at once - from building the website, optimising our SEO, and of course, designing our product launches - and I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling job."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Chloe Zhu

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