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Student dropped out of university after earning thousands a week selling bottles of her spit

Rhiannon Ingle

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While many of us scrimped and saved up our pennies when we were students working as baristas, bartenders, babysitters and just about everything else in between - there's one student who found a whole new meaning of the term 'side hustle'.

One former medical student is raking in thousands every single week for selling bottles of her spit online allowing her to ditch her part-time Tesco job once and for all.

Latiesha Jones, 22, from Manchester, always had dreams of becoming a doctor and headed for higher education to pursue biomedical science but everything changed when she discovered the alternative way to make a living.

The former medical student earns a small fortune a week selling her spit. Credit: Caters
The former medical student earns a small fortune a week selling her spit. Credit: Caters

Since getting involved in the spit-selling trade, Latiesha has managed to pay off an £11K debt alongside being able to buy a property.

Latiesha never realised how much people were willing to pay to satisfy their strange requests and has since decided to drop out of university to sell spit full-time at more than £1000 a pop.

Now, four years on, the former medical student has received a whole lot than just requests for some backwash.

The woman has revealed she's got a load of bizarre requests from strangers who want to buy her toenail clippings, week-old bedsheets, and, of course, her spit which has made her thousands.


Latiesha explains: "It all started as a fluke, and now I've been doing it for four years. It began when I moved to Manchester for university, and I was working in Tesco.

"I started doing OnlyFans, and through that, I got weird requests for shower water. I always knew it was a thing but didn’t know it was so easily accessible."

She continued: "I did a lot of research and dug deep into the industry to fulfil the unusual requests I get. I use sites that aren’t known or spoken about like OnlyFans.

"When I first got asked for a bottle of my spit, I thought it was a joke at first and that it couldn't be serious until I realised it was."

The woman now lives a life of luxury after making the bold career move. Credit: Caters
The woman now lives a life of luxury after making the bold career move. Credit: Caters

Upon agreeing to that initial request, Latiesha asked for £300 which was 'the highest number [she] could think of'.

Recalling the interaction with the punter, she added: "He then asked for my bank details and paid it. I couldn't believe how easy it was.

"It's much easier than OnlyFans and taking photos that's for sure."


Now somewhat of a veteran in the biz, Latiesha has vowed she will 'never do anything lower than £100'.

She noted: "I usually do three different requests a day. It depends on the week. It is up and down and will vary in price."

Opening up about some of the more peculiar requests, Latiesha revealed: "I've had people ask for bedsheets after I've slept in them for a week, gym clothes that are really sweaty and disgusting, bathwater, toothbrushes, and toothpaste spit – anything you can think of, people want it."

Talking about one of her more successful business transactions, the woman disclosed: "The most I have made from spit is £1,500 - I knew the guy had money, and he was happy to pay it."


Speaking about how her close ones feel about her career, Latiesha explained: "Everyone around me is really supportive. Everyone laughs about it. The only person I don’t speak to now because of my job is my mum. I've never had a good relationship with her anyway. However, my boyfriend is really supportive and my twin sister loves it too."

Customers ask the woman for a whole load of 'disgusting' requests. Credit: Caters
Customers ask the woman for a whole load of 'disgusting' requests. Credit: Caters

Latiesha has since looked back on what her life was once like before she got into the trade.

She said: "I studied biomedical science and wanted to be a doctor - something I'd wanted to do for my whole life.

"I was so broke in university and I didn’t have any money. I needed cash fast, which meant I was working every single hour God could give me at Tesco."

Ever since starting, Latiesha revealed she was 'making more money than [she] had ever seen in [her] life'.

"I never thought this would be my career, but I'm happy that it is. I love it. The freedom it gives you and the money is a big thing for me, as I've never grown up with money," she carried on.

"I never knew what it felt like to go out and buy whatever I wanted."

Well, it's no surprise considering she makes 'around £3-5K a week' from 'requests alone'.

The former medical student resolved: "It’s a wild world out there."

It sure is.

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Rhiannon Ingle
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