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These Are The Most Haunted Hotels In The UK To Stay In This Halloween

These Are The Most Haunted Hotels In The UK To Stay In This Halloween

There are no guarantees these hotels will provide a relaxing break...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

For some, staying in a haunted hotel might be your idea of hell. The thought of ghosts and ghouls wandering through your suite, or the sound of blood-curdling screams - it might feel all too much.

For others, intrigue and the need to know if ghosts exist takes over, so any chance to catch a glimpse of the supernatural will have you racing towards the latest location that's been called haunted, especially at Halloween.

As for us, we're in the curious part of the population. Don't get us wrong, if we do actually get to see a ghost, we have no doubts we'll be running for the hills, but until that day comes, we're on a ghost hunt and these supposedly haunted hotels are top of our visit list.

The Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

The Adelphi has been dubbed the spookiest hotel in Britain. (

This hotel on Ranelagh Street in the city centre, has been dubbed "most haunted hotel in Britain" by supernatural investigator and author Tom Slemen.

This three star establishment comes with some underwhelming reviews in terms of comfort, but in terms of creepiness, it's right up there.

Built originally in 1826 and then re-built in 1912, the hotel is steeped in history, and boasts old chandeliers and marble halls. But served up alongside the original period features are often some scary apparitions.

Tom Slemen even claims to have seen ghosts in a visit to the hotel. He told The Liverpool Echo: "The Adelphi - in my humble opinion, is the most haunted hotel in the UK and some incredibly strange incidents have gone on in both the present Adelphi and the one that stood there before it in Victorian times."

Supernatural investigator Tom Slemen claims to have seen three navy officer ghosts in the Sefton suite of the Adelphi. (

"I often gave talks in the hotel's Sefton Suite, and was unaware that this suite is an exact copy of the Titanic's First Class Smoking Lounge, built by the same craftsmen hired by the White Star line.

"During one talk, there was standing room only, and I and many other people saw three men standing at the far end of the room who were dressed as naval officers with white caps and dark jackets with all the braiding."

"The middle officer, who looked about sixty, had a white beard and stood about 5 feet 7 or 8, and the trio were there one moment then gone the next, and there were gasps of shock when this trinity of ghosts vanished."

A grey lady and a 15-year-old boy are reportedly frequently spotted in the Adelphi. (

Tom added: "I was later told by a member of staff that the ghosts were those of Captain Edward Smith of the Titanic and two unidentified officers.

But they aren't the only sightings at this spooktacular hotel. A grey lady wearing Victorian clothing has frequently been sighted in the basement, whilst a 15-year-old boy who died after becoming trapped in a luggage lift is often spotted, sometimes moving luggage around! Creepy.

Book your stay at the Adelphi Hotel here.

The Langham Hotel, England

This iconic traditional and seriously grand London hotel will bring the luxury, but potentially with a side serving of ghoulish encounters. And If you want to heighten your chances of seeing something spooky at this hotel, opt for room 333.

The Langham Hotel has been open since 1865. (

It is renowned for the ghost of a Victorian doctor, who murdered his wife here in the 1800s on their honeymoon before taking his own life. Not exactly love young's dream.

He supposedly shows himself in the month of October, so that's the time to book if you're a ghost hunter.

There is also said to be a German prince wandering dressed in a military outfit through closed doors and who lowers the temperature of any room he visits. He killed himself at The Langham by throwing himself off a balcony.

Members of the England cricket team including Stuart Broad and Ben Stokes reported ghostly goings on at The Langham Hotel in 2014. (

Don't forget the apparition of a butler either, still trying to tend to his third floor guests. Maybe we'll pass on the room service...

Famously, members of the England Cricket team reported strange goings-on when they stayed there in 2014.

Stuart Broad told the Daily Mail: "It was so hot in the room, I just couldn't sleep. All of a sudden the taps in the bathroom came on for no reason.

"I turned the lights on and the taps turned themselves off. Then when I turned the lights off again the taps came on. It was very weird. It really freaked me out. I ended up asking to move rooms."

Book your stay at the Langham Hotel here.

Airth Castle, Scotland

There has been frequent sightings of a nanny and two children at Airth Castle Hotel in Scotland. (
Anthony Parkes)

Set in 14 acres of park and woodland, this grand castle seems like the perfect place to set a romantic trip for two. But be careful which room you pick, unless you're keen to lose sleep over ghostly goings on.

A nanny and two children supposedly died in a fire at the castle in the 1800s and ever since, there have been sightings of the trio, as well as sounds heard of children playing in rooms three, nine and 23.

The old hotel based in Stirlingshire does have a 12th century graveyard in its grounds, plus the ruins of an old church as well as Airth Castle, so it does sound like the start of a half decent horror film.

Quite hilariously, there is apparently a ghost dog too that likes to bite the ankles of guests in the halls.

We doubt the ghost dog at Airth Castle is as cute as these guys. (

Book your stay at Airth Castle Hotel here.

Ruthin Castle, North Wales

With a history that dates back to 1277, there must be so many stories to be told from this castle located in Ruthin.

It was only turned into a hotel in 1960, but ghosts from much earlier reportedly still lurk here.

Lady Grey is the most spotted ghostly resident. She reportedly killed her husband Sir Reginald de Grey's mistress, a peasant, after discovering their affair, by hacking her to death with an axe in the 1200s. Grim.

They do say crimes of passion are the worst.

Lady Grey supposedly killed her husband Sir Reginald de Grey who owned Ruthin Castle because he was having an affair. (
Jim Linwood)

Lady Grey had supposedly gone completely mad by the time she was sentenced to death and since has been spotted in the banqueting hall as well as in the battlements looking crazed.

She isn't alone though, because she supposedly shares the halls with a one-gloved ghost who likely was a soldier to King Edward and a mischievous little girl who knocks on the doors of guests at night.

Book a stay at Ruthin Castle Hotel here.

Tha Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

Some of the Jamaica Inn dates back to the 18th century and was a well-known pitstop for travellers. But it was notorious for smugglers too - so this inn has seen some sketchy characters in its time.

Now, people visit the Launceston-based hotel from far and wide because it's supposedly haunted, but also because it was made famous by Daphne du Maurier's book and later, Alfred Hitchcock's film Jamaica Inn.

The Jamaica Inn has seen some salubrious characters in its time, as it used to be well known for smugglers. (
Robert Linsdell)

Reports suggest people have heard footsteps in the corridors in the middle of the night, as well as the plod of horse hooves outside.

Others have heard whispers in a foreign language and even a ghostly apparition.

The ghost is said to be of a wayfarer, who long ago was called outside by another man and was never seen again alive. His body was later was found on Bodmin Moor nearby and how he's been spotted by the wall in front of the inn, sitting motionless. He seems oblivious to passers by and after a few minutes, reportedly dissolves into thin air.

You can book a stay at the Jamaica Inn here.

Creeped out yet?

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