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These Are The Most Haunted Places In The UK To Visit For Halloween

These Are The Most Haunted Places In The UK To Visit For Halloween

Between ancient pubs, hills where witches were trialled for their crimes, and old castles with torture chambers, it's a terrifying line-up.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

If you're a bit too old for trick-or-treating, but are still trying to think up a hair-raising way to spend to celebrate Halloween with your mates, then why not visit one of the UK's most haunted locations?

Authentic Vacations has analysed the number of mentions in 'most haunted' articles and mentions of 'haunted', 'scary', 'ghost' and 'scared' in TripAdvisor reviews to reveal the most haunted destinations to visit in the country

Between ancient pubs that have been hotspots for paranormal investigators, hills where witches were once trialled for their crimes and old castles with torture chambers and London landmarks, there's something for even the bravest in your gang.

Brian Robert Marshall)

According to the research, Gloucestershire pub 'The Ancient Ram Inn' is the most haunted place in the UK.

The old inn was built in 1143 and was used by priests a keeping house for slaves and workers who helped construct the St. Mary Church.

One popular legend states that a witch was burned at the stake there in the 1500s and she took refuge in one of the inn's rooms before she was captured.

Many still believe the witch's spirit still haunts the room - aptly named The Witch's Room - to this day.

The pub was cited in 22/100 articles based on scary locations and 61 per cent of TripAdvisor reviews for the inn contained 'scary' words. It's even featured in TV shows such as Extreme Ghost Stories and Most Haunted.

Brian Robert Marshall)

The Ancient Ram Inn was followed by Chillingham Castle in Northumberland, a Grade 1 Star-listed 13th century castle which features dungeons and torture chambers.

In third place is Skirrid Mountain Inn in Abergavenny, a pub thought to have been the judgement place of as many as 180 criminals who were hanged in the inn itself. Some even say there are rope marks on an oak beam over the staircase.

While fourth is the eery Pendle Hill in Lancashire. The Pendle Hill Witches were said to live in the surrounding areas of the hill and were accused of killing twelve people by witchcraft and trialled for their crimes.

Trig Point on Pendle Hill in Lancashire. The Pendle Hill Witches live in the surrounding areas of the hill and were accused of killing twelve people by witchcraft. (
Trevor Littlewood)

Others on the list include popular tourist attraction the Tower of London, Tulloch Castle Hotel in Scotland and Berry Pomeroy in Devon.

You can see the full list and their 'scare score' here, but the top 10 reads:

  1. Ancient Ram Inn Gloucestershire 83
  2. Chillingham Castle Northumberland 64
  3. Skirrid Mountain Inn Abergavenny 59
  4. Pendle Hill Lancashire 58
  5. Berry Pomeroy Devon 56
  6. Golden Fleece York 51
  7. Tower of London London 50
  8. Schooner Hotel Northumberland 45
  9. Tulloch Castle Hotel Scotland 43
  10. Woodchester Mansion Gloucestershire 37

Popular tourist attraction the Tower of London ranks highly at number 7 on the list. (
Bob Collowan/Commons/CC-BY-SA-4.0)

Leslie Intriago, Head of Digital Marketing at Authentic Vacations said: "We've all heard tales of ghosts and haunted houses from a young age, and our fascination with the supernatural extends to adulthood with films, documentaries, and books revealing the gruesome past of some of the most well-known tourist sites in the country"

"Haunted destinations are a great place to visit (if you dare), not only for the excitement of catching a glimpse of the paranormal, but also to learn about the rich history of these ancient buildings"

"Our research highlights the best places in the UK to give yourself a fright, just in time for Halloween."

Do you have the bottle to visit one?

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