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Woman cancels Tinder date after spotting gross detail in saucy picture

Woman cancels Tinder date after spotting gross detail in saucy picture

A woman was all ready to head out on a date, then she spotted one disgusting detail

A woman decided to pull the plug on her Tinder date after spotting what she thought was a gross detail in a racy photo he sent her before they were set to meet up.

30-year-old Susanne Norris had matched with a guy on popular dating app Tinder and managed to set up a date.

As far as Tinder is concerned that's so far, so good, and they even started swapping racy photos before their date, and then everything went wrong.

Susanne spotted something in one of the snaps the guy sent her which immediately turned her off until she decided she had to break things off.

When she spotted this one detail in the picture it was all over.
Kennedy News and Media

The 30-year-old explained exactly what made her change her mind so abruptly and what she saw in the photo that disgusted her.

She said: "This man initially found me on Tinder, we started chatting on Instagram. Everything seemed normal, we were flirting, we were planning to hang out at my apartment over the weekend.

"I had high hopes, I was very excited to see him. We were exchanging dirty photos. He sent me a photo of himself sat on the toilet with his underwear between his legs and I saw the dirty underwear."

"I was shocked, I was disgusted. I said it was nice, I didn't want to be mean then I thought I needed to say something, I couldn't look past it. I said I was no longer interested and made up crazy lies hoping he wouldn't be interested."

Her attempts at making up crazy lies ranged from claiming she had a disease to pretending she lived 'in a cardboard box and I turn into an ogre at night like Shrek'.

The guy tried to tell Susanne the mark she saw was just a patch of sweat, but she couldn't get past thinking he had skidmarks in his undies and eventually ghosted him, but not before finally admitting why she was breaking things off with him.

He said he wanted to hear the truth, and she eventually explained that she'd seen his 'dirty underwear' and decided she didn't want to 'teach another person to wipe their a**'.

It's hard to believe a like like 'but my ass be sweaty tho' didn't win her back.
Kennedy News and Media

Dating apps are a minefield at the best of times so as weird as this story is, Susanne has probably got off pretty light.

You could end up matching with somebody who gives you a detailed analysis of why every line in your bio is making them want to never hear from you again.

Alternatively, you might get someone who isn't so much looking for love as they are someone to put up their shelves for them, and no that's not a euphemism for anything.

Then again, there are some people who put real effort into their profiles and be genuinely joyful to interact with.

As a general rule, if your date-to-be thinks your undies are stained with poo it's probably over and nothing you say is going to win them round.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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